Niall Horan Reintroduces Himself with “Nice To Meet Ya”

Niall Horan is back after 2 years of fans anxiously anticipating his second album, and from the looks of his first single from the new era, “Nice To Meet Ya,” this album is going to be a good one!

The song has a little more rockish vibes than his many acoustic-like tracks from his debut album, Flicker, and we can certainly tell that he is branching out with fun catchy lyrics like, “nice to meet ya / where ya been? / let me treat ya.”

The video for “Nice to Meet Ya” fits the song to a T, beginning with Horan watching as a ‘hookup’ walks out of his home before it rewinds us to the start of his day leading up to that moment.

We get amazing slow-motion shots of Niall Horan walking through the streets as he charms almost every woman he passes, looking for the girl of his dreams that was dressed as an angel when he stepped out of his house that morning.

This is a more mature theme for the entertainer, and after he finds his way into a suit tailor to get jazzed up for a night out, we even see him party it up in a bar with some friends. It’s there he finally finds the girl of his dreams from the beginning of the video at the bar counter, before she slides him her number on a napkin and slips away as quickly as she appeared.

Horan powers up all the charm in this video, although we’re sure it’s not too hard for him… because he’s Niall Horan, and we are loving all of it! It’s amazing to see how he has progressed and grown as a solo artist after his days in One Direction and we can’t wait to hear more of his new sound this era!

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Niall Horan on Instagram

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