The Walking Dead Movies Will Have… Ninjas?

We have new details about the upcoming The Walking Dead movies! One word… Ninjas.

We are working on it right now and hope to have some news for you in the next month of two. There are a lot of things that have been going on in The Walking Dead outside of these characters’ imaginations, of what they know. We will be exploring this through the movie, through Rick Grimes, and even beyond that, opening up the world of The Walking Dead.

Scott M Gimple – Executive Producer

That’s it. That’s literally all we have to tell you. We’re sorry… it’s all that the executive producers gave away at New York Comic Con last weekend.

What We Already Know

We might not have learned much at NYCC, but we do already know the upcoming films will center around Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln. We last saw Rick at the end of season 9 of The Walking Dead, as he was taken away with Jadis in a helicopter.

Questions We Still Have About Rick’s Disappearance

  1. Why did Rick never return to Alexandira?
  2. Will Daryl find closure and discover Rick‘s fate?
  3. Will Rick find out he has a third child?
  4. Are the helicopter group evil? Or will Rick join them?
  5. Did Heath disappear to the helicopter community too?
  6. What is an ‘A’? What is a ‘B’?

No release date for the first of the upcoming movies has been set, but season 10 of The Walking Dead, which won’t star Rick Grimes, airs October 6th on AMC.

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photos: AMC

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