23 Reasons To Stan Lewis Capaldi On His 23rd Birthday

23 Reasons To Stan Lewis Capaldi On His 23rd Birthday

It’s Lewis Capaldi‘s birthday today, and we love him so much he could call us a plonker and we’d still stan. (Plonker = British for idiot). So for his 23rd birthday, here are 23 reasons you should stan him…

His Music and Their Videos

Every song he’s ever released is a banger. Don’t fight us on this. We’ll die on this rock. His video’s are lit too. We’ll also die on that rock. Don’t believe us? Watch his video for “Grace” and tell us we’re wrong.

He’s the Scottish Beyoncé. And if that video doesn’t prove it, this billboard from the London Underground certainly does…

He’s On Tinder!

So Lewis Capaldi is on Tinder. And we’re not saying we signed up just to try and match with him… We’re just saying we weren’t on Tinder before he was, and we probably won’t be once he’s not either…

(Lewis it’s been 2 weeks since we super-liked you, how many sunglasses do we need to bribe you with for you to match with us?)

He’s America’s Sweetheart

Now we know what you’re thinking. He’s Scottish, so how can he be Americas Sweetheart? Well, two reasons. One – he said so. Two – there’s merch to back it up. You can check out the merch here.

His Instagram Location Tags

Lewis Capaldi is basically the most well-travelled person out there. Just check out the locations he’s tagged himself at on Instagram

He’s a Sunglasses Connoisseur

If you didn’t know Lewis Capaldi was a sunglasses connoisseur, you probably don’t follow him on Instagram… And that’s illegal. He’s one of a kind. And here’s the proof…

So let’s recap. 1 His music, 2 His videos, 3 He’s the Scottish Beyoncé, 4 He’s on Tinder, 5 He’s America’s Sweetheart, 6 He’s well-traveled (his Instagram proves it), 7-23 His Sunglasses Collection.

That’s 23 reasons to stan Lewis Capaldi on his 23rd birthday. You’re welcome.

Click here to find tickets to see him on tour. Click here to stream his debut Capalbum Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent, here to stream his latest EP Bruises, or here to visit his online store.

Lewis Capaldi
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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Lewis Capaldi on Instagram

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