Murder House: A True Horror Story

So you know Murder House, right? It’s the staple location that any AHS fan can pin-point. Well, it’s actually a real place that was up for sale a few years ago. And though we tried ourselves to save up for it (we sold a lot of lemonade), we just couldn’t get the money in time.

The couple, Ernst Von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold, that we’re lucky enough to buy Rosenhiem Manor, claim for it to be haunted. But not by what you think… They claim the house is haunted by AHS itself. Why? Well, the mass amounts of fans that come each day to take pictures outside the house.

The couple had no idea of the show and the houses history. They say that they feel “cheated out of money” because the realtor failed to disclose the houses fame.

Damn you, Marcy.

They say that they’ve had to deal with numerous trespassers on property and even people breaking in… Wow, the missed opportunities to act out Episode 2 (if you know you know). But also… maybe they were just trying to find Tate because… we get that.

Eventually, the couple even went as far as putting a large fence up but… the fans weren’t letting that get in the way of their visit. It should have been bought from FX or Ryan Murphy himself and turned into a AHS museum, if you ask us.

One more thing, the couple claims the house is actually haunted… so… we’re just gonna go by some milk real quick. And by milk we totally mean we’re going to go and see Tate now that it’s confirmed he’s real.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: FX

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