MIDFIELD Nails Every Little Thing With New Single

MIDFIELD Nails Every Little Thing With New Single

There’s something magical about Philadelphia and pop-punk bands and this time is no different. Coming right from the city of brotherly love, MIDFIELD brings us “Every Little Thing” as a brand new single. A perfect-for-spooky-season video accompanies the single drop!

In a fun, upbeat track that tackles toxic relationships and finally moving on from something so negative. Doing what pop-punk does so well and pairing happy melodies with tough topics, MIDFIELD nails the formula and has us wanting to jump in a sweaty crowd while “Every Little Thing” goes off on the stage before us.

The video features many nods to popular horror movies, dropped just in time for Halloween. There’s a certain level of comedy within the scenes and my favorite part is the use of their own merch. We love the representation!

Check out our chat with the guys below as we explore new songs, old songs, and what the future holds. There’s also a pretty solid joke regarding sports-themed band names.

1. So for those who don’t know, you guys originated in Philadelphia, correct? It’s quite an active pop-punk scene there. What kind of influence, good or bad, has it had on the music you create?
Tyler: Yes, it has totally had a positive influence on the music we create. There’s a ton of awesome local bands in the scene. Plus there are so many big touring bands that come through Philly on a weekly basis, so going to shows and staying active in the scene definitely influences us.

2. You have been a local sensation since 2016. What is the defining moment that you would say brought you on to the larger scale scene?
Kurt: Definitely the release of our E.P. Happy Thoughts and the campaign behind it. Before that we had no music videos, and only a 3 song E.P. (Wishing, Wanting) on Spotify. So the addition of 5 new songs and 2 music videos really helped us expand on a bigger scale. 

3. You’re about to release a brand new track titled “Every Little Thing”. Can you tell us about that song? What is the inspiration behind it?
Kurt: Yeah so, when I’m coming up with songs or lyrics I’ll typically just brainstorm melodies or lines I think can sound cool and engaging then try to adapt that to a feeling theme or thought. 

The first line I got for this song was actually the opening line “My self-esteem is lower than your morals”. The song pretty quickly expanded from there. I wanted to hone the feeling of being put down by a toxic relationship in any regard, not just romantic, but one that you keep going back to for whatever reason. Something I’d imagine is pretty relatable for a lot of people. But I wanted to end it with a breakthrough moment and feeling of closure and growth, and kind of a diss I guess, so we have the ending group chant of “You’re nothing, nothing at all”. 

4. Your single “Casper” is available now for streaming. Were there many differences between the writing process of this track and “Every Little Thing”?
Tyler: Yeah it was totally a different process. “Casper” started out as a rhythm guitar track that I had for a while and decided to bring it to the band so see if we could use it. I recorded the drums to a scratch track of the guitar. Then Matt worked on lyrics for it and wrote a melody. Wes wrote the bass track and the guitar parts for the bridge. Then PJ recorded his leads parts and it was basically a wrap.

Matt: Yeah, “Casper” had a pretty interesting process because Tyler had basically the whole song ready to go when he showed it to us, but with no lyrics or theme for what he wanted the song to be about. So it was a cool experience kind of letting the music guide me and I think what came out of that was pretty powerful.

Tyler: “Every Little Thing” is a bit different because Kurt had the rhythm guitar, lyrics, and vocal melody all worked out before approaching the rest of the band. We workshopped it and wrote the rest of the parts and went to the studio to get it recorded.

5. The music video drops October 4th, which is just in time for Halloween. Did that inspire the theme of the video? Are you all big fans of spooky stuff?
I don’t know about the rest of the dudes, but Halloween is my favorite holiday so I’m definitely a fan of anything spooky.

Matt: I am definitely the biggest horror / spooky one of the group. Tim Burton and David Lynch are my two biggest influences. I was actually the one who came up with the idea, but it didn’t really fit the vibe for how dark I wanted it. We aren’t really that type of band but after some compromises, I love what we came up with and I’m glad we went forward with the idea. 

Kurt: I don’t like spooky stuff – skip to Christmas!

6. Can we look forward to more releases from you guys soon? An album or EP?
Tyler: Our plan is to head to the studio and flesh out another EP.

7. Where do you see MIDFIELD at this time next year? What are your hopes and dreams to have completed by then?
Tyler: We totally want to get some tours going and hopefully get hooked up with a label that wants to work with us.

8. Does MIDFIELD have any shows coming up? Things people can look forward to and experience your music in person? 
Kurt: Off the top of my head I know we have some cool things lined up in November and December, not positive if any of them are set in stone. So unfortunately I can’t give dates BUT if you check in on Midfield.Pizza every now and then you’ll see any shows we end up getting on.

9. Speaking of live shows, if you could create any tour to be a part of, what would your dream lineup be?
Kurt: I’m sure we all have different dream lineups. One Ty mentioned not too long ago would be Four Year Strong and New Found Glory (which would be sick). A running joke we have (which would also be a pretty badass tour) would be State Champs, Goalkeeper and us (Midfield), and it would be called The Sports Tour.

10. Finally, what’s one thing you want new listeners to know about you as a band and individuals?
Tyler: We really just want to have fun and make music that people enjoy listening to.

Kurt: I can’t speak for everyone, maybe they have something to say about themselves. But what I think I can say for the band as a whole is we’re just five guys having a good time making the music we love, drawn from what we grew up listening to.

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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Photo: Courtesy of Indie Media

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