MDRN Day Ghost Stories

MDRN Day Ghost Stories

Everyone loves a good ghost story, right? The ones we see in the movies are cool. But when someone you know is telling you a ghost story… one that’s happened to them… You get a different kind of chill up your back.

That’s what this is. Straight from the mouths of our editors, writers and readers. So imagine this as a metaphorical campfire that we’re all sitting around… the ghost stories are about to begin.


SkyMDRN MAG Writer

When I was 9 years old I went to my aunts funeral and when we got home, my mom was on the phone with my grandmother. We were sitting at the kitchen table, and I looked up to see my aunt was sitting at the table across from me. It freaked my mom out when I told her. I’ll never forget that.

Last year in June I was getting ready for a job interview, it was a month after my uncle passed away. I wear him around my neck and he’s become my good luck charm. So I slipped him on and I just out loud said, “alright uncle Jim, it’s time. Wish me luck, we got this.” and as soon as I said that a shadow went by me. It was definitely him. He’s shown many signs of being around us, my sisters even saw him during the full moon on Friday the 13th back in September!

Bella – MDRN Mag Writer

The school my sister went to is known to be haunted with a ghost or two, because of people committing suicide in the bathrooms or in the tower at the centre of the building. One of the bathrooms where a girl had committed on prom night was moved (it’s now a stairwell), and if you’re alone there sometimes you can hear a girl crying. Similar things happen in the tower of the building, but people feel it more often up there.

My sister and her friend were once volunteering at the school, and the janitor gave them a tour of the tower. Her friend felt a hand touch her shoulder while they were up there, so she turned because she thought it was my sister. But when she turned back she saw my sister was walking in front of her instead.

The same night her friend slept over at our house, in my sisters room right next to mine. I’m one of the deepest sleepers ever, I won’t even wake up to smoke alarms, and it always takes me a long time to wake up. But at around 2am I jolted awake from screaming, so high pitched that it didn’t even sound human. It woke up my entire family and we all ran into my sisters room to see what was wrong. We found my sisters friend sitting on the edge of the bed crying and covered in sweat, screaming about the man who wouldn’t leave her alone.

Once she calmed down they slept on the couch instead because she refused to sleep upstairs, and she wouldn’t tell us what happened. Eventually she told all of us what had happened – She couldn’t fall asleep and kept seeing a shadow of a man standing at the end of the bed. It was freaking her out so much that eventually she started playing quiet music from her phone to calm herself down, but both her and my sister noticed it had started to sound like static. Eventually she shut off the music, and the man moved to stand next to the bed by her head. She started screaming and she said he leaned down and started to choke her.

Apparently, when they went downstairs the same thing happened again; the man followed them downstairs, except when he started choking her this time she couldn’t scream because he had covered her mouth. The next night she slept back at her own house, and her dog refused to go into her room even though he always sleeps with her. He barked at the foot of her bed for 3 days straight until it finally stopped, and she’s never been back to that school ever since.

Samantha – MDRN MAG Reader

I was about 14 years old and I was in my room cleaning out my closet. It started to get cold but I just thought it was AC was on all day. I sat down to watch some tv and continue cleaning my closet out, but then I noticed a huge shoe. Later when I looked again, it wasn’t there, so I continued to clean my closet out until I heard, “psst, are you scared yet?”. I looked up and saw a man standing in my closet, and my heart was racing. I ran shaking and screaming my mother.

Once I told her what happened, she went upstairs to look. No one was there, so my she asked me to tell her everything that had happened. She believed in ghost/spirts so she asked the landlord if anyone passed in our house. He said there once was a dirty cop that lived there who hung a guy in my closet. My mom and I switched rooms after that.

I was in my room with my dog and my boyfriend one day. We went to the store and I locked the front door, but when we came back my bedroom was locked from the inside. We kept kicking the door to open it but it just remained locked. I backed up to kick with more force but the door suddenly opened up. When it did my dog was in the corner of the room, barking at nothing. Later that night I was laying in bed and my VCR was on the blue screen. I woke up and saw a little girl standing in front of the TV. I dipped after that.

A year after I had my son, I woke up in the middle of the night to him jumping on the bed laughing. I got up to tell him stop and to lay him down, but I saw him sleeping, not jumping.”

Kaiti – MDRN MAG Trainer

My mom was in the bathroom and came out to my dad looking confused, like something was wrong. When she asked him he said he could have sworn she just walked up behind him and put her hands on his back, but realized otherwise when he watched her come out of the bathroom. I think it’s time for them to leave. The ghost owns the house now.

Jace – MDRN MAG Senior Editor

I live with my great grandmother. About a year ago, her brother died. He owned a barber shop, and he and was in a barber shop quartet when he was younger. He was ALWAYS singing and whistling. Not long after he died, my grandmother’s friends took her on a trip to the shore, so I was home alone. I was lying in bed with my door closed, and all of a sudden, clear as day, I heard loud whistling moving up and down the hall. I even have it on video.

In the same apartment, my friend came over. Her, my Mommom and I were all watching horror movies. We saw my Mommom get up, but didn’t necessarily pay attention because we were watching the movie. We heard her bedroom door open and close (the doors are loud and creeky), but I figured she went to change into pjs. About a minute later she came out of the kitchen with a drink, which is no where near the bedrooms. My friend and I look and each other and then look back at her. I asked her if she went to any of the rooms and she said no, she was just in the kitchen making her drink. GHOST!

Celine – MDRN MAG Founder

My friends and I were about 16. They just got their licenses, and at the time we loved driving everywhere. Halloween was slowly approaching, and we really wanted to go somewhere that was allegedly haunted. We all knew of this place in Whittier, CA called Turnbull Canyon. It was notorious for cult meetings, ghosts, and a place called Devil’s Gate. It was the perfect thing we needed to get into the Halloween spirit.

We drove up the canyon, it was dark, and roads were narrow and winding. The moment we entered the canyon we were filled with dread. We weren’t sure if it was the hype from going to the canyon, or, if it was because we were about to experience one of the scariest nights of our lives. Throughout the drive, unexplainable hand prints would appear on the car, the car would randomly turn off, and it was freezing; very odd for California.

At one point of the drive, we saw the most gorgeous view of Los Angeles, so we decided to park off to the side to appreciate the beautiful view. The moment we got out of the car, we turned around and saw my buddy, we’ll call him Kevin, sitting in the car still. We joked and said “Kevin! Why are you still in the car?”, starting to tease him for being scared. And from right next to us, outside the car, Kevin said “what are you guys talking about?”. We looked back at the car and no one was in there. No one at all. We freaked out and had no choice but to get back in the car and drive away as fast as we could. Haven’t gone back since.

My grandpa was my favorite person as a young kid. I remember him being funny, I remember seeing him at family parties; just sitting, laughing at my family. I know he was protective of my brother, my mom and I. He was a huge part of my childhood. Then one day he disappeared. He stopped showing up at family parties. He stopped coming over our house, and I didn’t understand why. When I was older I asked my mom what happened, and she started to cry. I never understood why. My grandpa passed away a month before I was born.”

So, we hope that you have a good nights sleep tonight, because we know that we won’t! Ghost stories are one thing, but these are ghost experiences… That kind of ups the scares, huh?

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Lemon Tree Images / Shuttershock

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