Stranger Things 4: We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore.


Along with many of the other cast members, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) posted a teaser to Instagram today regarding Stranger Things 4.

The teaser shows the iconic logo flash in inverted colors, before vines smother the logo, causing its light to go out. The teaser reads “We’re not in Hawkins anymore”. The inverted colors and vines suggest the next season will spend more time exploring the upside-down.

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We're Not In Hawkins Anymore

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Well, duh. We better not be in Hawkins this next seson. We better be in the upside-down. You know, the place Hopper (obviously) escaped to at the end of season 3 when the laser exploded.

An American was shown in a Russian cell after the laser exploded, and many believe it’s not Hopper. But you can’t convince us otherwise. We’ve already had enough heartbreak after Alexei died last season. You’re not taking Hopper from us too, Duffer Brothers.

Its entirely possible he jumped into the upside down. He’s been there before. He knows how to survive it. The Russians obviously have access to it because we’ve seen the demodog they’re hiding. Hopper totally could have crawled out whatever entrance they have. Stranger Things have happened…

Ok… If we’re being honest… We dont really know who ‘The American’ is. We have our theories, but we’ll just leave you with this…

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Netflix

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