Red City Radio Aren’t Liars, But We Love Them!

Red City Radio Aren’t Liars, But We Love Them!

As per usual, we’re here to fill you in. Red City Radio consists of four fine as hell (yes, we had to) dudes: Garrett Dale (Vocals), Dallas Tidwell (Drums), Ryan Donovan (Guitar) and Derik Envy (Bass) who absolutely dig being on the road. You might know them by landing gigs with New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, and Anti-Flag. Now, currently en route with one of our all-time favorites Taking Back Sunday. We couldn’t think of a more perfect time for RCR to hit us with a new track. With electric guitar licks, propelling vocals, and a perfect modern rock vibe, RCR’s newest “Love A Liar” has caught our attention.

Red City Radio delivers this single with the intent to reassure. Reassure us that love is really all you need in life. What better message to send than that? The band emphasizes this thought by explaining, “We all bring baggage into relationships, whether they’re romantic in nature or otherwise. We all have that underlying feeling, that ‘I’m not enough’ or ‘I’m no good’, that shapes our interactions with other humans. This song really embodies the idea that while we all feel inadequate, while we’re all imperfect, we’re just going to love our way through this and it’s all going to be OK”.

“Love A Liar” really does make us feel like it will all be okay.

Live Performance shot with Red City Radio
Photo: Big Picture Media

Red City Radio Ready to Hype The Crowd!

As we mentioned, Red City Radio is going to hit the streets with Taking Back Sunday. This is a particularly special tour, as TBS celebrates the 2nd leg of their 20th anniversary tour. And what a better match then these punk-rockers?! Be sure to catch them hype the crowd (and even headline some shows of their own) with songs from all over their discography. Including their 2018 release, SkyTigers as well as some hot off the press tracks for everyone to enjoy.

Stream the new feel-good single “Love A Liar” on Spotify here!

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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: Big Picture Media

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