Forever Emo Tour and Anywhere But Here Anniversary: Mayday Parade

Forever Emo Tour and Anywhere But Here Anniversary: Mayday Parade

The iconic Mayday Parade have smashed our emo hearts once again when announcing The Forever Emo Tour almost immediately after the celebration of ten years of their album Anywhere But Here, which will also have its own tour. Are you as intrigued as us about this tour? Wanna know what you’re in for? Well here is the deal:

Mayday Parade is coming to the stage to show respect to all things pop-punk and emo. Not only will they do this by performing some favorite Mayday originals, but covers of our favorite emo jams! Which we have no doubt will be perfectly executed. Cuz’ Derek Sanders AM I RIGHT?!

This short run tour is one we highly recommend you catch. Because even if Mayday isn’t your absolute favorite, you’ll get to tune in to some classic emo covers. As an added bonus, Mayday Parade is pairing up with some of our favorite Emo Nite DJs to ensure some absolutely killer after parties.

Mayday Parade Forever emo Tour
Photo: Mayday Parade on Twitter

The idea behind this is both fun and tasteful. Not only are these songs exciting for the band themselves to perform, but they have made it clear that these songs (both originals & covers) are important to them. After some serious self-reflection, the band gives endless props to bands and songs that have been influential and significant to them as a whole (and to us too!)

We are excited to see the outcome of this tour and more than appreciate this incredible nod to the scene, and there is no excuse for you to be ‘Anywhere But Here’.

Check out the following dates to have the emo night of your life performed by one of the most prominent voices to grace emo music in the last decade.

Mayday Parade Double Tour Dates

Mayday Parade on Twitter

Mayday Parade
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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: Mayday Parade on Twitter

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