Maybe We’re All Just a Little Hurt

Maybe We’re All Just a Little Hurt

After departing from The Mowgli’s, former frontman Colin Dieden has immediately proven himself with the announcement and release of “Good As It Gets” under the moniker Little Hurt.

Flashback to an abundance of plaid, mom jeans, scrunchies, and denim on denim on denim, Little Hurt’s story begins in the 90s on a baseball diamond in Kansas City. Just a kid back then, life probably seemed simpler and there was no telling what would become of Colin.

The name? One Colin earned as a kid in youth sports. The sound? Upbeat and fun, with hard-hitting lyrics that portray the confusion and disarray of life. The mission? To show that you’re not alone. Depression, anxiety, mental health struggles are all totally normal and okay things to deal with and there are others in the world struggling with them, too. You are not alone.

Deep down, we can all connect with that kid standing on that baseball diamond and we can all connect with who that person is now and maybe, when it comes down to it, we’re all just a little hurt.

Check out our interview with Little Hurt where we discuss dreams and fears, the past and the present, and all the music!

So, for those who don’t know. You’re doing this project Little Hurt separate from The Mowgli’s. What inspired the desire to remove yourself from the band name and create an entirely new persona for this project?
After nearly a decade singing lead with The Mowgli’s, I felt that it was finally the right time for me to separate myself and tell my own story to the world.

Is there a particular story behind the name you’ve chosen: Little Hurt?
Little Hurt was my nickname when I played little league baseball growing up in Kansas City. The name is based off the legendary hitter Frank Thomas who was known as The Big Hurt. I wasn’t given the name because I was particularly good or anything, I think it’s just because everyone has nicknames and they had to call me something. 

The announcement of this moniker quickly came with the release of your debut single. Can you tell us a bit about that? What was the reason for choosing that particular song to launch with?
I think we as a team decided that “Good As It Gets” was a good transitional and introductory song, in that it sounded enough like my old band and wouldn’t alienate my fans, but it is still very much my own story. 

What was your biggest inspiration while writing “Good As It Gets”?
“Good As It Gets” is about my life and what I am going through currently—it’s been a really complicated few months for me. My entire life has changed drastically in almost every aspect and this single came from my stopping for a second and really taking a look at things and decisions I’ve made.

What about this new path for you has been the most exciting?
All the things I feel like I can finally say in my songs.

Now how about the most terrifying or nerve-wracking?
All the things I feel like I can say!

little hurt

 ” I wanted to tell a story that was entirely my own…”

You found a lot of success within The Mowgli’s. Would you say there’s a certain amount of fear to not match that within Little Hurt?
I’m not really worried about that at all. Number one, I don’t think I should think that way and number two, I know that I am good at what I do and I feel confident about this new music as Little Hurt.

You’ve got an EP coming out next year, can we talk about that? What should we expect with this EP?
My fans should expect a lot of honesty and really catchy songs. This was an interesting EP to write because I really approached it in a way I haven’t previously. I examined myself so closely that I think I actually started to discover things and feel things that I wasn’t necessarily ready for and I feel like I started to go a bit crazy to be completely honest, so I’m glad it’s written and done! I had a blast making this record with one of my best friends on earth Rob Ellmore. He’s the most talented producer I’ve ever met and I’m super lucky to have him on my team.

Which track are you most excited for people to hear?
Probably this song called “Alaska.” It’s one of the craziest songs I’ve ever done.

Finally, what would you like our readers and your potential new listeners to know about Little Hurt?
I’d like to thank them and let them know that I appreciate them coming on this ride with me. I can’t wait for you all to see what’s next!

Connect with Little Hurt and keep an eye out for new music in the future!


Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Images: KayKay Blaisdell

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