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Everyone knows and loves the Funny Or Die web series Between Two Ferns. And if you don’t… do you live under a rock?

If you somehow don’t know what Between Two Ferns is, it’s a web show where Zach Galifinakis ‘interviews’ celebrities. And by interview we mean he totally roasts them and makes them uncomfortable af. And we love it.

Between Two Ferns

Each episode is between 3 and 6 minutes long, and there are 22 episodes spanning over the shows 10-year run. And with the last episode airing over a year ago… we were due for a new one.

And Netflix being the amazing thing that it is… created Between Two Ferns: The Movie.

In the movie, we meet a fictional Zach Galifinakis, who is filming a documentary of himself for some reason and is given an ultimatum to give Will Ferrell (the actual founder of Funny Or Die) 10 episodes of Between Two Ferns in three weeks. If he does he gets his dream gig of being a talk show host. So, Zach takes his team out on the road and finds celebs with their impeccable tracking skills. But not without his two ferns.

From then on, the film gives cameo after cameo. You might have even missed some, so we’re gonna break all of the celeb cameos seen in the movie!

Matthew McConaughey

Alright, Alright, Alright. The movie literally opens with this gem. Sure he ‘died’ but we got a wet Matthew McConaughey.

Keanu Reeves

Let’s be honest, are we even surprised by this cameo? Keanu Reeves just shows up in things and we go “Yup, makes sense.” Because…he’s Keanu.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell was a guest on the show many years ago, and he actually is the co-founder of Funny Or Die in real life. They also fictionalize this fact in the movie, while still playing himself (kind of).

Chance The Rapper

This interview birthed one of the best lines in the film. When told that Chance has a brother who is also a rapper Zach counters with, “What is his name? Community Chest The Rapper?” It’s safe to say we died of laughter.

Rashida Jones

Anneeeeeeeee Perkins! Rashida makes a brief ‘pre-interview’ cameo, but it’s nothing short of funny!

Adam Scott

Between Two Ferns

Another Parks & Rec Alum shows up and gets quite the insult. But we’re living for it.

John Cho

Between Two Ferns

John Cho from Harold and Kumar makes a brief appearance in a quick montage of Boom Boom (Jiavani Linayao) turning down celebrities.

Jason Schwatrzman

Another brief yet beautiful moment in Boom Boom’s montage.

Brie Larson

Between Two Ferns

We see a wide-eyed and uncomfortable Brie Larson between two ferns. With Zach taking stabs at Captain Marvel and her personal life… how can we not laugh at the awkwardness.

Dave Letterman

Between Two Ferns

David is the first interview on Zach’s road trip journey, and they have a hilarious back and forth moment by taking shots at each others shows name.

Paul Rudd

Between Two Ferns

We just like really love Paul Rudd here. Everyone knows that Paul is quick-witted and hilarious, and he definitely brings that and his ‘perfected’ Jewish-ness to the ferns.

Chrissy Teigan

Between Two Ferns

We stan this woman and absolutely everything she does. Even her hitting on Zach Galifinakis. Because it’s funny… She also claims to be the reason for Mr. Rogers‘s death.

John Legend

between two ferns

Going to get revenge on Zach sleeping with his wife, John plays the sickly sweet part in the interview, only to maize Zach at the end.

Jon Hamm

Between Two Ferns

In real life, Jon Hamm was actually in the third episode ever on Between Two Ferns, making this a cute little easter egg for long fans of the show. Here he makes a stab at Bradley Cooper, and fans of the show will also get the reference too because Bradley and Zach would always fight. Making us laugh. Hard.

Hailee Steinfeld

Between Two Ferns

With Hailee, Zach jokes about her movies and her former relationship with Niall Horan. She wasn’t having it.


Between Two Ferns

Hilarious and awkward (see what we did there).

Tiffany Haddish

Between Two Ferns

Hi. Yes. We love Tiffany Haddish. Zach may not, but we do.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Between Two Ferns

The third Marvel hero to appear in the movie, Benedict, takes some name botching at the hands of Galifinakis. Along with being slammed for ‘selling out’ in the MCU.

Tessa Thompson

Between Two Ferns

The Queen of Asgard! (you should have seen Endgame already so we’re not sorry) This film is just packed with our favorite heroes, huh? She certainly is a hero without a cape in this interview when telling it like it is.

Peter Dinklage

This is possibly the best interview of the whole film. And yes, part of it has to do with the fact that it’s Peter Dinklage. But…it’s Peter Dinklage. While in the interview, the crew is stealing his expensive Faberge eggs so that they can get money for the rest of the trip. And it’s so so so so funny.

Gal Gadot

Between Two Ferns

After fulfilling Ferrell‘s ultimatum, Zach got his talk show “Ferns” whose first guest is no other than Gal Gadot! How is she even real? We need her skincare routine ASAP.

Well, that’s it! That’s all the celebrity cameos in Between Two Ferns! These interviews are somewhat scripted and fake. It’s mainly improv on Zach’s part which causes many many many blooper takes. And we’re blessed enough to see them as the credits are rolling!

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