Area 51 Raid Essentials

Unless you live in outer-space or under a rock, you know that tomorrow is a very important day. Tomorrow is the infamous “Storm Area 51” day.

Area 51

Now, while this was made as a joke event, the government is taking this very serious. Because… ya know, some people just don’t get the joke.

However, if you are one of those people that will be attending… MDRN MAG has a list of essentials that you should bring with you. Just to keep you safe.

Your Phone

Area 51

No, this is not for recording and taking pictures… This is for you to phone home to have your mama pick you up from jail when you get arrested for trespassing.

A Tin Foil Hat

Area 51

If you know anything about surviving aliens, it’s that a tin foil hat will always help you from them getting inside your head. Works every time. Like a charm. And doesn’t look stupid at all.

A Metal Face Mask

Area 51

Okay we know this one sounds crazy but hear us out. In Alien remember when the alien attached itself to Kane‘s mouth… then that iconic chestbusting scene happened… Yeah well we’re trying to prevent that from happening to you. You’re welcome.

A Reinforced Truck or Tank

Area 51

Not only is it a sweet ride but you can essentially protect yourself from aliens, zombies, and people in general. We can’t promise results. But we can promise you will look cool.

Tickets to Alienstock

So regular people who know that this was a joke event decided to capitalize and create an actual music festival for the event. This is something that people will actually be going to. So once you’re released from jail, if there’s time or you get cold feet, you can attend the free event. It’s said to have a classified line-up out of this world.

So, what to you think? Are you going to raid Area 51? If you do, we really hope you take our advice with these essentials.

Let us know how you make out on Twitter.

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Bud Light

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