Flor Had Austin “Dancing Around”

Flor Had Austin “Dancing Around”

Last week flor embarked on their North American tour and we were lucky enough to be in attendance at the second tour date in Austin, TX last Thursday! This whole show was full of good vibes with the openers, Lostboycrow and joan to finish.

Lostboycrow opened up the show at Parish as the crowd continued to grow and fill the venue, although many didn’t know the lyrics to his songs we can all agree he definitely got some new fans than night! Someone in the crowd screamed for them to play “Devil in the Backseat” at some point during the set, which the band agreed they would get to, and it’s definitely the song from their setlist that stuck with us for the night!

Next to grace the stage was joan, who got the crowd in a great mood for flor‘s set afterward. Although the duo don’t have many songs out at the moment, they brought down the house and had everyone dancing and sweating before the main act even stepped on stage. “stop and stare” was a favorite live performance by us, and if you haven’t heard of the band, try that song first!

flor came on stage to a sold-out show as they opened with “slow motion” and you could literally feel the band’s good energy radiate out into the crowd with the first note. Lead singer Zach Grace, kept the most infectious smile on his face the whole show, regardless of the sweltering heat the ran through the space. It was so hot the band members even began to give fans their own water bottles from stage, but fans seemed to care less about dehydration as they “danced around” to the lively music.

The band played a mix of songs between their two albums, come out. you’re hiding. and ley lines, with the setlist as follows:

  • slow motion
  • heart
  • unsaid
  • ley lines
  • restless soul
  • listen for you
  • overbehind
  • back again
  • white noise
  • where do you go
  • dancing around
  • money
  • rely
  • hold on
  • warm blood

Even though their newest album, ley lines, was recently released everyone knew almost all the lyrics to every song on the setlist, the happiness in the crowd’s voice as they screamed back the lyrics still sits in our ears, and our hearts until we get to experience another flor show. You may still be lucky enough to catch one yourself, check out the remaining tour dates their website!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Words and Featured Photo: Mar Maldonado

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