The Best Stuff and Thangs About Andrew Lincoln

There are so many “stuff and thangs” we love about Andrew Lincoln. But honestly, if we listed them all, we’d be here for hours. And Dominos has 50% off on pizzas right now. We need to get on that ASAP. So here’s our favorite 3…

His Accent

He’s British. His accent is next level swoon-worthy. I (Natasha) am British too, and even I think it’s next level. The majority of the MDRN MAG team are American, and they also agree it’s something special.

Reedus Romance

We’re kidding. There’s no romance between Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus… Or is there? The bromance is definitely strong. The pair previously acted opposite each other as Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, where the bromance originally began.

The pair often prank each other too, including Norman filling Andy‘s car AC with glitter. Check the prank out below.

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Glitter attack successful 😎

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The bromance is so strong, that Norman even has clippings of Andy‘s beard in his fridge. Norman revealed his totally innocent reason for keeping Andy‘s beard clippings during a panel at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta. He just wanted some of Andy‘s DNA. Totally innocent.

Rick Grimes

Let’s be real. Andrew Lincoln has played many diverse roles. We’ve enjoyed every single one. But Rick Grimes has been the best by far. With his sassy comments, inspirational speeches, and the swagger in his walk, how could we not love him?

But let’s not forget these classic one-liners, “CORAL”, “Stuff and Thangs”.

And when you heard he was leaving The Walking Dead, this was probably your reaction… (noOoOOoooOo).

But then when you heard that we’re getting 3 The Walking Dead movies starring Rick Grimes, this was probably your reaction…

The Walking Dead
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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

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