A Wizards Of Waverley Place Reunion?

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight at Disneyland recently, David Henrie gave us hope for everything we’ve ever wanted – a Wizards Of Waverley Place reunion. When speaking to them, David (Justin Russo) revealed he regularly chats about a potential reunion with co-star Selena Gomez (Alex Russo).

This is what he said they would like to see for a potential reunion…

What made the Russo’s special is that we were a family. The show ended, someone won the competition. So we want to start the show a few years later. Start them off at the worst place ever, so that throughout the series, you give them a nice, beautiful arc of uniting.

So start them out divided. Alex is a fashionista, killing it in some other part of the realm. Justin is the principal who has a family now at WizTech. Max has the sub-shop but its run down.

Start us all out completely discombobulated, then throughout the course of the series, bring us all together.

David Henrie.

Is it just us… or did he say SERIES? Not a movie, a SERIES. Our inner teenager is screaming. We NEED this.

David then took to Twitter to ask fans what they thought of a possible WOWP reunion.

And it seems as if head writer and executive producer from seasons 1-3, Peter Murrieta even wants it!

So far, this is all just speculation. David did say during his interview no formal chats have happened yet. But a Lizzie McGuire reunion was just announced for Disney+, and we are living in the age of re-boots, so we live in hope.

Check out David‘s full interview at Disneyland with Entertainment Tonight here, where he also speaks about life as a dad, and mentoring the next generation of Disney Stars.

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Disney Channel

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