Taylor Swift Gave Us a Timeless “Love Story”

Taylor Swift Gave Us a Timeless “Love Story”

Eleven years ago today, Taylor Swift took her first step into pop music with “Love Story” and made total history. Releasing this single off of her second album, Fearless, Swift took the timeless ‘love story’ of Romeo and Juliet into her own creative hands and gave us another amazing reimagine of the tale in 2008. The good thing about Taylor Swift retelling of the Shakespeare classic is that it has a good ending this go around.

When interviewed by the Los Angeles Times in 2008, Swift mentioned how she changed the story to be something she could relate to, as she was going through tough situations. “I used to be in high school where you see [a boyfriend] every day,” she mentioned. “Then I was in a situation where it wasn’t so easy for me, and I wrote this song because I could relate to the whole Romeo and Juliet thing. I was really inspired by that story.”

The video for this hit is just as amazing as the song, with Taylor Swift in ballgowns and a handsome prince fighting for her love, giving us the ending that we always wanted.

Releasing both a country version of the early 2000s hit as well as a pop radio version, Swift kickstarted her domination of the music industry and became known for the goddess she is today. What was your favorite track of Taylor Swift‘s Fearless album?

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Taylor Swift VEVO

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