MCFLY ARE BACK! London here we come.

MCFLY ARE BACK! London here we come.

It’s official. They’re back! (kinda). McFly will return for a one-off show in London, November 20th 2019. And our inner teenager is screaming.

Many fans are disappointed the one-off show is scheduled for a Wednesday, but honestly, we couldn’t care less. You can bet, we’d be calling in sick to ALL of our obligations the entire week of the show, no matter what the day it was scheduled. It takes multiple days to plan the perfect outfit. And multiple days after to recover.

Tickets for the one-off show go on sale Friday 13th 9am BST here, but o2 customers can purchase priority tickets Wednesday 11th 9am BST here.

The Lost Songs

But that’s not all! McFly are set to release a multitude of songs every Sunday between now and the show in London too! Now, if you’re a Math connoisseur like we are, you’ll count that’s 11 songs.

The first song “RED” is set to premiere tonight, and we’re so McFucking ready. (Sorry for stealing your clever word, McFly). Referred to as ‘The Lost Songs’, the tracks were intended to be a 6th studio album that was never released. Better late than never, right?

The tracks were recorded between Wales and Texas of 2011, but the album release was postponed when the boys formed McBusted with James and Matt from Busted.

The Press Conference

McBusted was the most incredible experience for all six of us. But it was strange for us as there was suddenly new band members. It was a different dynamic. After McBusted, our personal friendships were at the worst places they’d been since the entire 13 years we’d known each other.

Harry Judd

It is like a marriage, and then [McBusted] was like we had an affair. We had some marriage counselling and we had been seeing other people for a while. But ultimately we didn’t get divorced. The O2 show feels like renewing our vows.

Tom Fletcher

The band will reportedly work on new songs in 2020 too, now this unfinished chapter has closed.

Classic McFly

Whilst we anxiously await every new release, we compiled a list of our top 10 favorite old McFly songs. (Ranked in no particular order. They’re all bangers).

And if you’re still wanting more, you can check out a YouTube playlist of 112 of their songs here.

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: McFly

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