10 Times Celebs Trolled Paparazzi

10 Times Celebs Trolled Paparazzi

Celebrities are constantly hounded by paparazzi and they all handle it differently. Some let them be, some get angry and throw their cameras, but then there are the gems that decide to get a laugh out of it.

Here are 10 times that celebs trolled paparazzi.

Jim Carrey

Photo: Splash News

In 2008, when Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy were still together, the pair got swarmed by paps trying to get pictures of the date. The couple was quick to get a laugh out of the situation. The two went to the bathroom so Jim could throw on Jen‘s bathing suit himself. Honestly, we don’t expect anything less from him.

Joe Jonas & Sophia Turner

Photo: Just Jared

Quite possibly our favorite couple ever, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner never pass up the opportunity to troll the paparazzi when they can. On multiple occasions, the pair have caught paparazzi sneaking pictures, and in return, they strike crazy poses and mock them. We stan.

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

Photo: Splash News

When the two were still a couple, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were once having a nice meal in a restaurant. When they found out paps were outside, the two were quick to use the opportunity to raise awareness.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Photo: Matthew Horwood

With the same idea in mind as the pair above, our dear Avenger Benedict Cumberbatch pulled the same stunt … as well as a few faces:

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ah yes... Leo… The man of a thousand disguises. The paps will never know it’s him.

Cara Delevingne

Photo: INSTAR Images

Cara was just trying to enjoy a nice night out with then girlfriend St. Vincent, good thing they had a plan to deflect the paparazzi.

Tom Hiddleston

Our favorite villain (that we love with everything in us), is constantly proving why he is the perfect Loki. Tom Hiddleston may or may not intentionally be doing this, but he wears the same outfit … every day. It sucks for paps because the pictures are harder to sell without a time stamp. He’s the god of Tricks and Mischief for a reason.

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz, bassist, residential goofball, inventor of guy-liner, and professional paparazzi troll.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photo: Raymond Hall

As if we needed another reason to add to the list of why Jennifer Lawrence is perfect.

What do you think? If you were a celeb, what would you do to troll the paps? Let us know!

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: KNNG/BACKGRID

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