Lil Nas X Makes The Best Panini

OK, not the best sandwich, but maybe the best music video. You’d think it would be hard for Lil Nas X to one-up the “Old Time Road” music video, but he showed out with the “Panini” visuals that were recently released last week.

It was suspected he’d go with a futuristic vibe after his VMA performance late last month, and the audio’s visuals put out ahead of the official music video.

This futuristic video has it all; holograms, flying cars, and jet packs. And you may see a super familiar face, former Disney Channel star, Skai Jackson.

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As the lead for the “Panini” video, the storyline follows her as she tries to run away from Lil Nas X. After not being able to get away by foot, or by flying uber, she finally tries to leave by plane before jumping out the flying plane door to get away from him on the plane’s wing.

Lil Nas X stays true to the futuristic vibes with “Panini”, especially with the dancing robots, and he also stayed true to the song’s storyline, as it’s about those who love you till you get big, then things change. He received the idea for the song’s namesake from the Cartoon Network show Chowder, where Panini is a character. “Panini was possessive over Chowder in the show,” said Lil Nas X to Genuis. “She’s a representation of fans of who love you when you’re small. Once you get the spotlight, they aren’t feeling you as much. The song is not a diss, but anger towards that fan, but also wanting them back.”

The video depicts the song’s message perfectly as Jackson sees Lil Nas literally everywhere because he became such a big star, but in the end, she saw that he just wanted her to be happy.

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: LilNasX on Instagram

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