Katy Perry Makes Cutest Video, “Small Talk”

Katy Perry Makes Cutest Video, “Small Talk”

Katy Perry is back with a new video for her latest single, “Small Talk,” and she’s bringing a new meaning to the fact that people really do resemble their pets. She may have also made the cutest video we’ve ever seen.

A complete 180 from the lyric video she put out a few weeks ago that was full of awkward post-breakup situations, the official music video shows that Katy Perry is back in all her glory!

It seems like Perry is taking on a retro style for this whole new era, with the hippie vibe of “Never Really Over”, to taking on the role of a prized dog trainer in this new luxuriously vintage video “Small Talk.”

Training her dog for the Mutt Ball, Perry and her pup are total BFF’s before they win the trophy at the competition. But Perry takes home an even better prize. Soon we see the poor pup is instantly feeling forgotten until it finds a love of its own.

Fans loved the new video and thought the idea was just brilliant!

We have to agree this may be up there for cutest video of all time. Have you seen Katy Perry in her new “Small Talk” video? Check it out here!

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Katy Perry on Instagram

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