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Looking for new content to watch? Bored of seeing the same things in your suggested section? These are the 3 best YouTube podcasts this month…

Impaulsive – Logan Paul, Spencer Taylor, Mike Majlak

Ex-controversial (as he calls himself) YouTube star, actor, musician, boxer, all-round entertainer Logan Paul is first up with his Impulsive podcast. Completing the panel in each video – Spencer Taylor and Mike Majlak. The three are the perfect combination for a well-balanced panel. Logan mediates the topics and leads the conversation, Spencer brings an intelligent informative side, and Mike brings a sassy engaging flare.

The trio have delved into a multitude of topics – stereotypes, news, pop culture, conspiracies and more. The trio even hosted a live 3-hour podcast for their 100 episode anniversary with a musical performance from Machine Gun Kelly. No matter the topic, the trio are highly engaging with the banter that flows between the panel.

Featured guests have included Bella Thorne, Lamar Odom, Alex Jones, King Bach, Chantel Jeffries, Riley Reid, Jojo Siwa, and Steve-O. Other guests have included Dr. Greer (UFO Expert), Kelly Sullivan Walden (Dream Expert), Eric Weinstein (Thiel Capital managing director, mathematician, and economist), Vincent Genna (Psychic) and more.

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Congratulations – Chris D’elia

Full of jokes, random references and funny stories, Congratulations by Chris D’elia is a high quality set up. The camera is still on a shot of Chris, often featuring jingles on cue and images flashed on screen in reference to what Chris is discussing.

Chris is unapologetically himself, and his candid demeanor is refreshing. The best way to sum up his podcast is a quote directly from an episode “There’s a bunch of shit online right now, that’s just not funny. The Chad and Brad thing? *starts waving* See ya. I’ll do a beauty queen wave on that. Bye-bye dude. Let me drive by at 5mph, I’m in a goddam parade waving at that Brad and Chad thing. Its gone dude. Beautiful as shit with a glove to my fucking elbow. Bye-bye“.


Chris D’elia
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Phil In The Blanks – Dr Phil

Dr. Phil is well known for his talk show of the same name, offering advice in the form of life strategies, often from a psychological perspective. He has vast experience with clinical and forensic psychology; clearly evident in his podcast Phil In The Blanks.

Phil In The Blanks features a different variety of guests than most podcasts, including Susan Constantine (body language expert), Dr. J. Patrick Johnson (renowned neurosurgeon and concussion expert), and celebrity guests The Jonas Brothers, Amanda Cerny, Piers Morgan, and Sophie Turner.

The topic of each podcast often includes mental health notes – anxiety depression – unlike most podcasts. Dr. Phil speaks from an educated perspective, often impacting viewers, especially in exposed featuring prominent guests such as Sophie Turner (Game Of Thrones).

Phil In The Blanks

Dr Phil
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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: MDRN MAG

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