It Chapter 2 Premier: A Bill Skarsgård Look Book

The It Chapter 2 red (balloon) carpet has happened. And we’re floating with loveeee for Bill Skarsgård.

If you needed another reason to see It Chapter 2, besides how good it’s said to be… how about go see it just for Pennywise. Because, he’s a looker. Like a good looker. Scarily good looking.

But Jace he’s a scary clown who eats kids! Yes, but he’s also Bill Skarsgård; the beautiful actor, model, child eating clown, and heart stopper.

We just wanted to give you guys a little look book on the looks that he has been serving during the It Chapter 2 premiers.

It Chapter 2 Premier

Los Angeles

  • It Chapter 2 Bill Skarsgård

It Chapter 2 Premier: London

Did we mention he’s DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.

Here’s a recent magazine cover of his…

Photo: CR Men

We now fully understand this meme:

You will definitely find us looking through the sewers to find a Pennywise of our own.

IT Chapter 2
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Getty Images

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