Evan Peters Appreciation Post

There is no real reason for us making this, other than the fact that we’re just so in love with Evan Peters.

evan peters ahs

Evan Peters is one of those rare actors that each generation only have a few of. And our generation has been graced with Evan.

We’re sure that you know Evan from hit show American Horror Story, but do you know his first few gigs? His independent movies? Well, we got ya covered!

His First Gig

Let’s go back to 2004 when times were easier, and Evan was just starting acting. His first gig was a movie called Clipping Adam, and he played the title character. Just look at that hair!

evan peters clipping adam
Photo: IMDB

His First Theatrical Release

His second gig ever was actually his first movie to be released in a theater. That’s pretty amazing if you think about it. In fact, you may know this movie. It was a staple in any young girls coming of age. Evan plays Russell or Spongebob alongside Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) in the movie Sleepover. We love that dorky smile so much.

evan peters sleepover

His “Big Break”

A lot of people don’t actually know this, but Evan most likely graced your television screen before you even realized it. Did you ever watch Disney Channel in 2004? More specifically, did you ever watch a little show called Phil Of The Future? Probably. Well here’s a fun fact for you, Evan played the adorable quirky nerd Seth Wosmer. You know… the one that had a ‘naughty dream about improper fractions,’ … Yeah, that’s our boy, Evan! I don’t know about you but this is when he became my (Jace) first crush… ever.

evan peters phil of the future
Photo: Disney Channel

In between Phil of the Future and AHS you may have missed Evan in a few other movies that you know. He’s in Never Back Down, Kick-Ass, and The Lazarus Effect.

Some TV shows you may have been quick to miss him guest starring in include Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill, Monk and even The Office as Michael’s nephew!

evan peters the office

Pardon the interruption, but we just wanted to inform you that Evan played Prince Eric in a Little Mermaid short with Funny or Die.

evan peters the little mermaid

You can watch that here.

Here’s Some Commercials Our Boi Is In

Can we just talk about how cute and soft little Evan is!

We’re craving Corn Pops all of a sudden.

We stan Rockstar Evan.

He’s never sour… Only sweet… Beautiful… Dreamy… And perfect.

Esquire Singapore Magazine Cover Shoot

Photo: Esquire Singapore

When this issue dropped, so did we. Never have we seen such a beautiful photo shoot.

Photo: Esquire Singapore

Like… how is he even real? Esquire even took it a step further and blessed us with a cute BTS/Interview video from the photoshoot.

In conclusion, Evan is just literally the perfect person. He is the ultimate dream guy. He’s beautiful, charming, and a goofball. He just recently changed his social handles to @EvanPeters, but before that, we were blessed with @TweetsOnYourFace on Twitter and @BooBooDaddy on Instagram… Oh, those were the days.


You can catch Evan in his upcoming movie I am Woman, which is set to release next month. You can also do what we do practically everyday and just binge-watch AHS.

We could honestly go on about his movies, shows, appearances and just all around perfectness but that would just go on forever.

We just really really love Evan. And you should, too. You should also follow him and spam him with the love he deserves.

Evan Peters
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Getty Images

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