Beyoncé’s ‘B-Day’ is here, and so is a quiz!

Wednesday is not only Hump Day, but this week it’s also the day Beyoncé turns 38! Queen Bee has been slaying for good 38 years, making history along the way. She has accomplished a lot throughout her life, and we’re so proud of her hard work as a mother and an artist! To celebrate this special day, we’re here to test your knowledge of her music! Can you finish off these verses found in some of her most popular songs? If you want to see how well you know Beyoncé, go ahead and take the quiz!

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

[wp_quiz id=”8744″]

If you did not get all the answers right, don’t sweat it! Take it again, or share it with a friend to see if they get a higher score than you!

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Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Mason Poole

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