Logan Paul v KSI Rematch: Staples Center, LA.

A year after Logan Paul and KSI first met in the UK at Manchester Arena, a second fight has finally been scheduled. The second match will take place November 9th at The Staples Centre, LA.

Round 1 was hailed as the “biggest event in internet history”, but the fight ended in a majority draw, much to the obvious surprise of both Logan and KSI‘s teams.

For the second fight, the match is expected to run as a more professional event, rather than the previous amateur set-up. Neither Logan nor KSI will wear headgear, like their first fight, and the gloves have been reduced from a 12oz weight to just 10oz.

The match will be available to stream live on DAZN, hailed as Netflix for combat sports.

After round one’s surprising finish, neither party seem to be taking round 2 lightly, with Logan Paul even purchasing a boxing ring for his yard, some months back. It’s anyones guess who will win round 2, but both parties seem to be confident they will reign victorious…

12 Reasons Logan Will Beat KSI (According to Logan)

1. At last years weigh in, KSI wore two pairs of underwear and stuffed his pants to hide his micro-penis. However I have an incurable case of BDE.

2. My laugh is cute as fuck. Your laugh makes me want to ride an ostrich into a volcano. You sound like a fucking ambulance.

3. While I was training hard this year, you were on tour making soundcloud music. If your songs were half as good as your music videos, maybe you’d sell out 50 person venues.

4. Logan – thats my name. And its a real name. Your name is just letters.

5. In the past year, I grew a sexy ass beard. Looks like you grew a baby. Hope you don’t a**** this one.

6. It’s been over a year since we last fought, remember that time you hit me after the bell? Yeah you do, cause youre a scumbag. Meanwhile, I’m a charitable man.

7. Just look what I did to this guy with a closed hand. Or this guy with an open hand. Sweet dreams w*****.

8. You couldn’t even beat me in your own country. This time I got the home field advantage. Welcome to America, bitch.

9. I still get along with my brother. The last time I saw your brother, he was… on my podcast.

10. I leave my bedroom often. JJ still films all his videos in a rolly chair. Who knows, maybe he’s too thick to get up.

11. I’m stronger, I’m taller, I’m faster, and I’m better looking. In fact, I hooked up with his ex girlfriend in Ibiza. Whats up bitch.

12. Its true. In the past year, both Maverick and Kong have died… just like your music career.

So that’s that. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Logan Paul on beating KSI

KSI’s Interview On The Rematch

(The first match) was Logan‘s best chance to beat me. I had no idea on how he fought, I had no idea on anything to do with him. So to finally be able to get in the ring with him, and know everything about him, and know what I’m coming up against is so much better. (With the first fight) I just took too long. And I just didn’t get in his face and I kinda just let him build his confidence. I fucked up with that. So this time I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen. This time its going to be a different story … Mark my words. [To Logan] When we get in that ring – 18 minutes of hell. Making you quit, or knocking you out. Either way, you are not winning that fight. Mark my words.

KSI on beating Logan Paul

Round 1 also saw both KSI‘s brother Deji, and Logan‘s brother Jake in a match against each other. But after Jake emerged victorious, it seems Deji will not return to the second event, leaving Jake no confirmed opponent.

Additionally, Billy Joe Saunders will also appear on the undercard defending his middleweight world title.

Watch Logan‘s announcement on YouTube below.

Watch KSI‘s announcement on YouTube below.

How To See The Fight

Pre-sale tickets will be available from 10 September, and general sale from 14 September. Watch last years fight here. Watch this years fight here.

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: DAZN

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