Camila Cabello Announces New Album!

Camila Cabello has announced the release date of her sophomore album Romance! On August 31, Camila had posted visuals to tease fans of her upcoming album. Based on the message behind it, fans have taken the hint that a new project is in the works.

Similarly, Camila has just tweeted another video to her Twitter. The visual announces the drop of her sophomore album Romance. The 20-second clip gives the viewers the official release date and title of her album.

Despite the lack of context behind the video, the fans figured it out, and they have many positive things to say!

With her romance with Shawn Mendes and the passion shown in her teaser, we are sure that September 5th will be an emotional day for all of us! (In a good way, though.) Is it also possible that Shawn could be a motivation behind the album as well? Nevertheless, we are hoping to hear another Shawmila collab on the project!

While you are waiting for the release, you can watch Camila‘s new visual titled “What Do I Know About Love?” below! It will be helpful so you can understand the aesthetic and the possible meaning behind the album!

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Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Richard Bord / Gettys

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