Forever 21 Isn’t Forever Anymore

Time to grab all the gift cards you forgot about, Forever 21 is going bankrupt.

Oh, Forever 21… Reasonably priced, reasonably cute, and probably where you spent most of your teen years shopping. Well, according to CNN it’s now going bankrupt. Having 800 stores in 57 countries, we thought all was well in the retail clothing world… We thought very wrong.

The company has yet to speak on the issue, but we need to hear something ASAP. We need to know if we have to get our running shoes ready to go for an ‘Everything Must Go’ sale.

Since the unofficial announcement of the bankruptcy, customers of the store have mixed feelings about the reported shutdown, and as all millennials do… They went to Twitter.

Well, now we know that nothing truly lasts Forever (21). And, as a result, retail therapy will never be the same again, and we’re not sure if we’ll ever get over this one. Join us in mourning the potential demise of our favorite shop!

Forever 21
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Raysonho / Wikimedia Commons

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