Jake Miller sends his “LAST TEXT”

Jake Miller sends his “LAST TEXT”

Singer, songwriter, and producer Jake Miller has delivered on his promise of a new single every two weeks this summer (and we can’t thank him enough). So far, Jake released “OCEAN AWAY” and “NERVOUS” (read all about it here). Jake has just bestowed his next gift on humanity: “LAST TEXT”. Thankfully for us, Jake Miller‘s “LAST TEXT” is another bop.

So here’s the lowdown (because we know you kinda want it): Jake Miller’s “LAST TEXT” is the third of five songs to be released this summer. The single is written by Jake with help from Slavo, Spencer Sutherland, and Scott Pelsang. The track is produced by Jake, Slavo, and Scott. Okay, enough with the facts. Let’s get to what we’re all truly interested in: the opinions (and Jake‘s hotness because we can’t and won’t get over that).

Jake Miller's "LAST TEXT"
Photo: Courtesy of Red Music

Jake is hot and so is this song.

Did you really think we could go a whole article without referencing Jake‘s superior genes at least once? “LAST TEXT” is best described in the words of Taylor: “a nightmare dressed like a daydream“. The vocals are amazing (pretty sure that’s Jake‘s M.O.) but we have to listen to his smooth, sweet voice BREAK UP WITH US.

A slight exaggeration.

Okay, not with us, but we’re still heartbroken. The problem, or rather, lack thereof, with “LAST TEXT”, is that it’s such a bop. We can’t live in a world (real or otherwise) in which Jake sends his last text to us. The song is amazing and gives us the strength to do so which really highlights the power of Jake Miller, folks. Do you need a hype up song to send your last text to that soul sucking gremlin in your life? Don’t lie. We know you just pictured someone as you read that. This is the song for you.

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Words: Lexy Baumann | Featured Photo: Derrick Freske

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