Taylor Helps Fund School with New Album “Lover!”

Taylor Helps Fund School with New Album “Lover!”

Taylor Swift has just released her new album Lover on August 23rd. Not only does she impact the listeners, but she also impacts the community around her. We expect nothing less from our angel!

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On one of her tracks, Taylor uses a sample from music students from the Regent Park School of Music. The choir from the school helped her out with the vocals in her track “It’s Nice to Have a Friend.” This opportunity is huge for the children (because it’s Taylor Swift!) and for the school as well. Taylor is known for giving back, and that’s exactly what she decided to do– all of the proceedings made from the sampling goes straight to music school in Toronto.

There is so much praise among fans and other adults for her pure actions. Here are our favorite reactions from Twitter!

With that being said, make sure to STREAM “It’s Nice to Have a Friend!” You’ll be giving future prodigies a higher chance of reaching their dreams and full potential! You can stream Lover on all platforms which will be linked below.

On the day before the album release, Taylor also releases her music video for her single “Lover.” Not only does the song have a sweet, romantic tone, but the music video matches the mood and her personality. We guarantee you it’ll make your heart melt– maybe even cry. Or both. Check it out down below while you’re still here!

You can stream Lover on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and Tidal.

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