The 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack Gears Us for an Emotional Season

The Netflix hit, 13 Reasons Why is back with its 3rd season and by the sounds of the soundtrack, it looks like this season of the series is going to be a rollercoaster of emotion! We took a listen to it to let you know what to expect track by track!

Teeth – 5 Seconds of Summer

As the opening track to the soundtrack for the upcoming season of 13 Reasons Why, it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the collection of songs to follow. Giving off a creepy-ish vibe with its looping bassline and horror inducing lyrics it was an amazing choice for the first song!

Die A Little – YUNGBLUD

The title already says enough about how well it matches the title of the series. YUNGBLUD fills the chorus with lyrics like “we are the lonely ones” and “all you gotta do is die a little to survive.” This song will have you in your bed in the fetal position in tears even if nothing is wrong.

fuck, i’m lonely (with Anne-Marie) – Lauv

Don’t let the cheery, nursery rhyme sounding beat fool you, this song is all about being lonely after separating from a loved one. Anne-Marie‘s vocals play perfectly off of Lauv‘s and this song will have you singing along in no time.

Severed – The Decemberists

The synth and bass take over this track as the vocals sing of severed heads (a little graphic we know.) You almost feel in distress while listening to this track, especially with lyrics like “gonna smother you all till I choke you / gonna smother you all till you kick out.

Swim Home – Cautious Clay

Reiterating the fact that you aren’t alone and reminding us that someone’s always there, this song repeats lyrics like, “but you’re not alone/ no, you’re not alone / no, you’re not all alone,” it gives the soundtrack its first light sounding song so far.

Another Summer Night Without You – Alexander 23

This song gives sad, reminiscing vibes as the lyrics sing about having another summer alone after someone is gone. We can definitely see how this track can fit into the Netflix series.

Miss U – Charli XCX

A slow pop song about missing the one you love. Putting you deep in your feels, Chari XCX sings somber words like “sometimes I go back there, right back to where we used to love,” making you want to reminisce about the good times.

Favorite Drug – daydream Masi

This super chill track gives some nice vibing sounds to the soundtrack. “Real good, high now, that’s my favorite drug / laying with you, that’s my favorite love,” daydream Masi sets the perfect tone for a nice kickback.

Keeping It In The Dark – Daya

Like a lot of the tracks on the album, this song follows the slow love song-y feel. Singing about keeping a secret relationship that no one needs to know about, these lyrics fit right in with this series that is full of secrets.

Young Forever – JR JR

Giving us a change in emotions, this song has a little more of a cheery feeling as JR JR talk about wanting to be stuck in the moment and “young forever”.

All That (feat. Jeremih) – Drama Relax

Putting some RnB feels to the soundtrack, this beat filled song will have you bopping along. Although its another love song, this ones more on the lighter side as Drama Relax and Jeremih describe everything that they want from their lover.

This Baby Don’t Cry – K.Flay

Bringing out a rebellious side, this track is a shoutout to “all the haters” that no matter what you do or say, it won’t get to them and they won’t cry.

Walk Forever By My Side – Twin Shadow

This is just a song that starts off with you knowing you’re going to be in tears. The lyrics, of course, are no help as it repeats a hope that someone will always be there to help support them.


Fitting this drama-filled series perfectly, HEALTH repeats the lines “slaves of fear /’til we’re dead in the ground / why do we waste our years?” And since the show is basically about highschool students battling their inner fears and doubts, it could honestly soundtrack the whole show.

All Your Life – Angelo De Augustine

The soft-spoken, slow tempo track plays perfectly on the themes surrounding 13 Reasons Why, with the lyrics describing ways to escape, saying things like “when I thought to leave,” we can only imagine what the artist may be thinking of with this song.

Culture – Hembree

With a lot of conflict in the series surrounding rumors and words out of people’s mouths, “Culture” asks us one question, “is it really worth it? / Running your mouth.

Still Want To Be Here – Frightened Rabbit

Reminding us that there may never be a time when everything is perfect, we still need to keep going. Repeating the lyrics, “But I still want to be here, want to be here,” it’s clear the message of this song.

Ordinary World (feat White Sea) – Eskmo

Telling us that we all have to find a way to survive, the last track of the album reminds us that we can move on. “But  won’t cry for yesterday/ there’s an ordinary world / somehow I have to find.”

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The tracks on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack will definitely put you in your feels just as much as the series itself! Take a listen below, and let us know what you think. Did one of your favorite artists make it onto the soundtrack?

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: 13 Reasons Why on Instagram

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