The Best of The Best Top 10 Carpool Karaoke Episode’s

It’s James Corden‘s Birthday, and in honor of his birthday we have put together 10 of the best Carpool Karaokes.

1. Paul McCartney

“Why is this number 1?” you may ask. Because it’s more than just carpool karaoke, its also a documentary. They go to Penny Lane, visit the house he grew up in, and surprise some fans. Plus who doesn’t love Paul McCartney? We know we do.

2. Adam Levine

First, let us just say Adam Levine is so funny. In this episode they race cars, talk about their family, and learn that Maroon 5‘s original name was “Kara’s Flowers.”

Spoiler: James wins the race

3. Sam Smith ft. Fifth Harmony

After watching this we are convinced Sam Smith is the only boy ever, none of the others matter anymore. James and Sam harmonize, talk about boys, and crack jokes. Also Sam tells us about his love for Fifth Harmony so James surprises Sam with Fifth Harmony themselves.

4. Miley Cyrus

This episode is truly amazing simply because of Miley’s incredible voice. The episode consists mostly of them cracking jokes and Miley showcasing her incredible vocal skills. But, that is exactly the content we want and need.

5. Usher

Usher is Usher, he is an amazingly talented artist who is also incredibly funny and kind. This episode took them to Usher’s Hollywood Star where they cleaned it. They also help someone push a car. Usher even taught James how to dance.

6. Harry Styles

Before we say anything about this let’s first say Harry Styles is perfect in every way, shape, and form. In this episode they jam out to a bunch of throwbacks and talk about Harry’s music. And, if you’re curious about why this made the list, did we mention Harry Styles was in it?

7. The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers, our childhood heroes, are amazing. This episode was officially The Jonas Brothers first performance back. In this episode they listened to old and new Jonas Brothers songs, talked about why the band originally broke up, and took a lie detector test.

8. Migos

Which way? That way. Anyways, Migos are extremely funny and amazing in every way. In this episode, they sang some throwbacks and proved to us that they are single-handedly the best producers of all time.

9. Cardi B

Can we just talk about how funny Cardi B is? In this episode, they visit a senior citizens’ home and perform. For most on the episode Cardi screams songs out of the car window. You know. Just Cardi things.

10. One Direction

Last but not least, a band everyone adores, One Direction. Even if you didn’t stan, you love and miss them. This episode is a typical one, where songs are sung. But, did we mention Harry Styles? He’s in this one too.

Now, did your favorite Carpool Karaoke episode make the cut?

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Words: Marissa Speelman | Featured Photo: Metro Entertainment

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