Nick Robinson To Act As Producer Of Disney+ ‘Love, Simon’ Series

Love, Simon is going to be hitting Disney+ services near you! The upcoming series, adapted from the hit movie, has officially found its leading man.

With Nick Robinson, the star of the original film, narrating and producing, Michael Cimino will play Victor in the spin-off series. Victor is a new student at Creekwood High School; much like Simon, he is facing identity issues and on his journey of self-discovery. He faces challenges at home, like adjusting to a new city, and struggling back and forth with his sexual orientation.

Love Simon
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The leading character of the Disney+ series will be Victor, who is a 16-17 year old Latino male. He’s described as a “closeted gay, really cute, athletic, well-liked and warm-hearted high school sports star.” And while we’re sad we won’t get to see Robinson star in the Love, Simon series; we’re more than thrilled that he’ll be returning to produce it. Not to mention this is the second LGBT+ led show that Disney+ have announced, with the first being Four Dads.

If you’re almost certain you’ve heard the name before, here’s why: Cimino was part of the film Annabelle Comes Home, along with the TV Series Training Day.

Among the announced cast members, Ana Ortiz will be playing Victor’s mother Isabel, with James Martinez as Victor’s father Armando. Isabella Ferreira will play as Pilar, Victor’s younger sister, and Mateo Fernandez stars as Victor’s younger brother. Johnny Sequoyah and Bebe Wood are Mia and Lake, Victor’s best friends. George Sear takes the part of Benji, Victor’s classmate, with Anthony Turpel as Felix, Victor’s neighbor, and Mason Gooding as Andrew, the popular jock.

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