10 Times Sim Life Proved To Be Better

How many times have you played The Sims and just thought of how much easier they have it. A lot? Yeah us too.

Here are 10 times Sim life has proved to be better:

Success Is Actually Attainable


It’s easy to get a job (degree or no degree) … Promotions occur… No one questions your skills and they just trust you… Sign us up, please.

Parenting Is Easy


Being a parent is so much easier. You can pick out your child’s trait. Reading parenting books actually help. And you can literally make your child grow up.

Design The House Of Your Dreams

Hogwarts in Sim

If you’re anything like us you spend more time building your Sim’s house than actually playing. In the game you can build the craziest houses. House in the sky? Sure. Underwater house? Easy. Want to recreate Hogwarts? Say no more.

You Can Become A Super Villain

Super Villian

Why be a hero, when your Sim can become a Super Villain? Lead the life of a double agent to eventually accomplish this life goal of yours.

You Can Make Someone Love You

Sim Potion

Does the person you love, not love you back? Well fortunately for your Sim, they can get a Love Potion from the matchmaker. Your Sim can. You… You’re just out of luck.

Killing Someone & Getting Away With It

….We’re kidding! Not really. Or are we?

There’s A Cheat To Stop Aging

What’s the key to forever youth? Well a cheat code, of course. Or maybe finding a vampire to turn you. It’s really simple. FOR A SIM.

3-Day Long Pregnancy

Sim pregnancy

How is it fair that we have to go through 9 agonizing months of pregnancy and they have 3 days? We’re not glowing, that’s just the reflection of tears.

Someone Else Is Making All The Decisions

Sim playing

Sims have it so easy. They don’t need to think about their decisions or what to do. Why? Because someone else is doing it for them!


sim motherlode cheat

This is probably the absolute #1 reason we want to be a sim. A simple cheat code and an automatic 50k… What. A. Life.

Who knows… Maybe our lives just suck because our life is actually a Simulation and the person playing is just cruel and mean.

What do you think? Did we miss something? Let us know!

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: EA Games

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