YUNGBLUD Drops Video for “Hope For The Underrated Youth”

Our man has just done it again in the most un-YUNGBLUD (but still kinda YUNGBLUD) way!

When YUNGBLUD releases a song, usually an equally crazy music video soon follows. But with “Hope For The Underrated Youth”, he took a different and more personal approach.

On July 27th, the young musician hosted a meetup for his fans. He invited the fans for pictures and autographs followed by a performance on a boat. On this small voyage, the crowd passed the House of Parliament where lyrics from the new song were projected onto the side!

The video for “Hope For The Underrated Youth” is footage from that day. Though, it’s not as storytelling and visual like his other videos, this fits perfectly. The fans and him, our generation, are the underrated youth, only making it all the more perfect that they’re the stars of the video.

YUNGBLUD is known for his words of wisdom and inspiration. Fans flock left and right to express their love and gratitude for him. We went through the comments for the recent videos and picked out the best!

Yungblud is a masterpiece legend. Growing everyday as a light for us to teach us in dark to come out as pro.


This song has made me stand up for what I believe in and let my voice be heard. For that I can never thank this man enough because he has given me the courage to fight back when my parents make unjustified accusations about me and my friends. I am finally happy to say I want to be alive.

Liz Con

Yungblud is the leader of the underrated youth, he speaks his mind to the world. Truly a legend.

No One

The voice of the broken youth, giving us something we all needed… hope.

Michael Warren

“The future is bright because we’re in it”. I promise I won’t try to leave.


As you can see, YUNGBLUD is this generations voice. He speaks his mind and refuses to back down. We stan, here at Pop Sundae! We’re always excited to see what he will do next!

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: VEVO

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