Sleep On It, White Claw, and Other Things You Need in Your Life.

Sleep On It, White Claw, and Other Things You Need in Your Life.

Sleep On It band

Despite the name, Chicago based band Sleep On It is an upcoming band you should keep your eyes open for. The talented musicians behind the band (lead vocalist Zech Pluister, lead guitarist/backing vocalist TJ Horansky, rhythm guitarist/ backing vocalist Jake Marquis, and drummer Luka Fischman) have been working tirelessly since Sleep On It first formed in 2012. And it’s easy to tell that the self-proclaimed “daddest pop-punk band” has been doing everything but sleeping. After finishing their co-headline tour with Like Pacific they’re about to embark on their latest tour with Don Broco. Now they’re getting ready to drop their next album Pride & Disaster.

Sleep On It recently finished a co-headliner with Like Pacific

Fans are dreaming of the day this album drops and that dream will come true on September 13th, 2019. The song “Under The Moment” gives a great glimpse on what’s soon to come on Sleep On It‘s horizon. Bearing dark lyrics and a catchy melody this song will have you deep-in-thought while simultaneously dancing along. Even in their earliest music, the band has harnessed the talent of harmoniously pairing hard topics with cheerful tones and melodies. There’s no doubt that their second album will execute these talents beautifully. Pride & Disaster is gearing up to be a lighter record than their 2018 release Overexposed. However, it will still be the Sleep On It we all know and love. There’s a good reason why this band was named Kerrang‘s Hottest Band Of 2018, so if Sleep On It isn’t on your playlist then you’re definitely doing something wrong.

Check out the music video for “Under The Moment”

Here at MDRN MAG are excited for Pride & Disaster to drop and we hope you are too!

Scroll below for our interview with lead singer Zech Pluister.

What did the process of choosing the album name look like? Where did the name come from?
The album name came from the song “Take Me Back.” When we were picking the name we knew it had to be bold and make a statement. We had a running list of like ten titles, some from lyrics of the record, some just phrases that we thought fit the thematic arc of the record. We landed on Pride & Disaster because it really fit what went into the writing of this record and the message we were trying to portray throughout.

On Overexposed, you collaborated with Derek DiScanio from State Champs. Are there any collaborations fans can expect on the new album?
No guest vocals on this record, but we worked with a different producer, and wrote and recorded a couple [of] swings with Mike Green, who did “Disconnected.” We really wanted to showcase our abilities and what we could do while pushing ourselves to think outside the box, and working with […] some new people was exactly what we needed.

How would you describe the progression of your sound during the writing process of this album?
So the songwriting process didn’t really change too much, they came together in basically the same way as always, just over a little more time. Going into this record we weren’t really sure what we wanted it to sound like, so TJ was basically just throwing any and every idea he had out and we just went with what we thought worked best.

As we approach the release of your new album and enter this Pride & Disaster era, what are you most excited about?
I’m most excited for people to hear the progression of Sleep On It. I think this record is the best music we’ve made yet, and I am so excited to hear what everyone thinks of it. We poured so much of ourselves into this one and I hope that shows.

Which song on the album are you most anxious for fans to hear?
Probably “After Tonight.” We wrote it in the studio with our friend Pete Adams, and we wrote it in [six] hours overnight, and it was just so natural and fun. It’s also really pop forward and something that’s a little different for us. It’s my favorite on the record.

“We want to be better people. We want to improve ourselves, and we want to help the people around us improve as well.”

Knowing you’ve DJed for emonite before, what song on your emonite playlists do you wish you wrote?
That list is almost endless, but if I had to pick one that’s on MY playlist, I would probably say “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World.

When was the last time you were truly star-struck?
Meeting Frank Turner at Indianapolis Warped Tour. He is such a huge inspiration to me and the whole band. He’s such a down to earth and an incredible human, and it was a pleasure to talk to him for a little while. It took me three days to ask him to sign my copy of his book.

You just dropped a brand new single called “Under the Moment.” What was the inspiration behind that track?
That song was inspired by my most recent battle with depression and anxiety. Over the last year of touring I’ve kind of spiraled into a deep hole and I didn’t even realize it until writing that song. I all of a sudden found myself distant from my loved ones and isolated. And after I had written it I realized I was calling for help without even noticing I needed it.

On this new track, which lyrics stand out the most to you? Which is your favorite? Why?
Probably, “I promise I won’t drag you down here with me, make the most of the time that we’re wasting.” It really just felt so important and visceral to me after I wrote it. When I go into [a] spiral like that, the happy moments are so important to grab a hold of and run with, “making the most of the time you’re wasting.” So I really felt proud of that one when I wrote it.

The lyrical content on this song is a bit darker, as is the video. How does writing and recording songs like this help your healing and recovery process from difficult times within your life?
It’s just very cathartic to put it out into the world, to let people know that what they’re feeling is normal and natural. Also, it’s just very important and necessary for me to get it out instead of just bottling it all up and holding it in until I explode. Talking about this stuff is the most important way to start a road towards healing.

After finishing your co-headliner with Like Pacific, can you tell us your favorite moment from this run? To add to that, what are you most looking forward to on your next run with Don Broco?
My favorite moment on the whole tour was probably on the last day. We convinced almost everyone to shave into mustaches, and we were all just helping each other shave into the most ridiculous facial hair configurations. It was truly hilarious and I loved it so much.

As far as the Don Broco tour, I’m just excited to see everyone again! We hung out with them and Trash Boat a fair amount on Warped last year and they’re all such great people, and I’m stoked to get to know the Selfish Things folks, it’s bound to be a great time!

We know, in music-industry-years, you’re still fairly young, but have you had a moment yet of “we’ve made it” or “how is this my life?”
The Chicago show on the Co-Headliner. Sold Out Bottom Lounge, our biggest headline show to date. 700 people screaming the words back, my family and girlfriend were there. I was truly just so overwhelmed in the best possible way. Definitely a “how is this my life” moment for me.

If you had to choose a band mascot, would you choose the Buc-ee’s Beaver or a can of White Claw?
It would literally be a combination. Buc-ee double fisting White Claws!

Finally, what do you want new listeners of Sleep On It to know about your band?
Just that we’re normal people from cities and towns just like them. We’re not special, we’re just very very lucky to be in the position we are in, and that none of this would be possible without them showing support, coming to shows, listening to the music. It all thanks to them, and it’s all for them.

Sleep On It’s new record, Pride & Disaster drops next month, so keep an eye out! You can pre-order it here.

Check out the tracklist!
1. Racing Towards A Red Light
2. Hold Your Breath
3. Babe Ruth
4. Under The Moment
5. Fix The Dark
6. After Tonight
7. Take Me Back
8. The Cycle Of Always Leaving
9. Logan Square
10. Lost & Found

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Words: Maeve Dupree | Featured Photo: Alex Bemis / Second Society Report

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