Ceraadi’s Playlist: New Songs For Your Lit Playlist!

R&B duo Ceraadi are on their way to take the hip-hop industry by storm! Composed of sisters Emaza Dilan and Saiyr Cerai, they are mostly known for their YouTube personality and passion for dance and music. The Iowa natives (now signed to RocNation) have over a million followers across their Instagram and YouTube – with 103K monthly listeners on Spotify. On Friday August 9, they have released their first EP titled Ceraadi’s Playlist.

EP cover of "Ceraadi's Playlist"
Photo: Cerrai’s Instagram

The five track project has many meanings as you listen to each song. It fades from catching feelings in “Dumbstruck” to finding independence and confidence in “Sway.” Nonetheless, the sisters make sure to keep their music surrounded by love, positivity, and individuality. 

“Tongue tied, twisted, tangled.”

First and opening track is titled “Dumbstruck” which has also been predicted to be their next single. In this dreamy, melodic beat, they describe the strong feelings they have for their significant others. Have you ever found yourself smiling just at the thought of someone’s name? Whether it’s your cute lab partner at school or the food in your refrigerator– this track can be relatable to anyone!

“If you are loyal to me, I’ll be loyal to you.”

In this vibey, R&B track, the girls cover something important in every relationship – loyalty. The two sisters express the amount of commitment they are willing to put in to their relationship; they pledge to being there in time of need and holding it down no matter what. This song is once again relatable to their audience– wanting to give their all and hoping for it in return.

Mother knows best.

The third track involves something all mothers tell their daughters – keep your mind off the boys. In this catchy, upbeat song “That’s What She’d Say,” Emaza and Saiyr share their struggle with having feelings for their exes. They know it’s not right, but their mind tells them otherwise. Moral of the song? Don’t let any man nor woman control your mentality – It’s never worth it!

Independent 9-5.

In the second to last track, Ceraadi expresses their independence and ambition in “Ok.” With fire bars from both Emaza and Saiyr, the track gives the audience inspiring lyrics and a beat you can jam to at the same time! They once again make sure that every song they put out has a positive influence on the listener.

Boy, bye!

In the fifth and final track “Sway,” the sisters use many elements to give the song originality and emotion. The song is mainly about being unapologetically you – not letting a single soul get in your way. If you ever need a confidence boost–and something to dance to– this song is made just for you! It is also by far our favorite track!

With their past and their newly released music, Ceraadi proves themselves to be relatable to their younger audience – which is important as an artist. Not only are they creating music that has their personality, but they make sure every piece they create has a positive impact on someone. We can not wait to hear what else they come up with, and we wish them the best as they move forward! You can stream their EP Ceraadi’s Playlist on all platforms!

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Words by: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Ceraadi on Instagram

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