We Have Got The Best of Jelly Ellington in His New EP Butterfly

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Jelly Ellington is everything plus more. On August 2nd, Jelly Ellington released his EP titled Butterfly. All the songs are different yet incredible in their own ways. Butterfly most definitely also shows off Ellington’s amazing guitar and singing skills.

Now, who is Jelly Ellington? you may ask. Jelly Ellington is an up-and-coming American guitarist, singer, and songwriter with a blues and rock mixed vibe. Some may say he’s one of a kind and we would have to agree. He was also voted Top 10 Best Guitarist 2018 and 2019 at the Austin Music Awards.

Butterfly takes you on a ‘sonic adventure’ which is unlike anything Ellington has released before. With his blues and rock style comes a classical and jazz vibe.

MDRN MAG HQ had a chance to chat with Jelly about his EP, musical babies, and eating jalapeños.

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On August 2nd you’re releasing your EP Butterfly. Is their a story behind the EP? Butterfly was envisioned as a collaboration with my good friend and producer Dane Orr. He is an amazing musician. We got together during SXSW down in Austin to write songs, and the ideas just started flowing. We wanted to merge our musical influences together, blending my rock edge with his jazz and electronic influences.

Which song on the EP is your favorite and why? I love all my musical babies, but I would have to say my favorite track out of the bunch is “Fade Away.” I like it because it takes you on a musical journey, starting out with the classical guitar, then getting hit with the drums and heavy guitars. I think “Fade Away” is the best example of Dane and I merging our musical influences together into a banger track!

What are you hoping you to achieve with the release of your new EP “Butterfly”? I am hoping to attract a whole new fanbase of listeners with this EP and to reveal to my current fanbase I’m not just a guitar player, but also a songwriter and singer who puts a lot of time into crafting my original songs. There’s more for me to say than just a cool guitar solo.

Are there any bands and/or artists that have inspired you to get into music? Of course, Zeppelin got me hooked as a teenager in my formative musical years. I fell in love with Jimmy Page’s songwriting approach of blending of classical guitar and classical music with rock n’ roll. I currently listen to bands like Royal Blood and Rival Sons and hip hop artists like Kendrick Lamar and Big Boi.

If you could collaborate with any artist or bands who would it be?
I would love to collaborate with an Austin-based band White Denim at some point, I think they’re great. 

What was your favorite part of the process of making this EP? I really enjoyed the songwriting approach that Dane and I took, where we really didn’t have too much material written beforehand. A lot of the music on this EP was [a] pure stream of consciousness and on the spot. There was a lot of undeniable creative energy flowing through us, it was very magical. 

Other than singing and playing the guitar what are some of your other talents? Eating jalapenos, I also love shooting hoops!

What do you want new listeners to know about you? I want them to know my ultimate goal as a musician is to constantly evolve. I think this new EP is a great example of that, it’s something completely new. I feel artists should embrace the idea of never fearing the unknown, and do what you truly feel inside.

Finally, what should we expect next from Jelly Ellington?
Coming to a city near you, I plan to be out on the road next spring nationwide to promote this new release. I also am currently recording a double EP with my brother Andrew Ellington. That should be out sometime early next year!

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Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Kayla Dillard

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