Whitney Houston Leaves Us With Timeless Hits for Every Mood

Born on August 9th, and stemming from a line of amazing singers, Whitney Houston left a great mark on the music world and helped shape it to become what we know today. She even became the first-ever artist to hold the record for most Billboard Music Awards in one night back in 1993, when she took home 11!

The vocal queen would have been 56 years old today, so in honor of the wonderful years of life and timeless musical classics she shared with us, we give you our favorite Whitney Houston songs of all time (in no particular order because we tried and it was impossible.)

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

Staying true to its lyrics this song will make you want to get up off your feet and literally “dance with somebody.”

“I Will Always Love You”

When someone mentions the name Whitney Houston this is the first song that comes to mind for many! Those vocals! THE POWER!

“How Will I Know’

A CLASSIC! Listen to this bop when your dancing around your room thinking about bae for some ultimate feels.

“When You Believe” (From The Prince Of Egypt)

This duet always pulls on our heartstrings. If you want to cry and feel empowered at once, this is it.

“Higher Love” – Kygo, Whitney Houston

A NEW RELEASE?! Have you heard this amazing use of Houston’s vocals on this song put out last month by Kygo? Using a recorded track that was supposed to make her third album, the cover song was forgotten to many for years until it was recently revived.

Now let’s celebrate her forever imprint on our music-filled hearts and pay tribute by listening to some Whitney tunes today! We may even follow Starbucks lead and play it all day long.

Whitney Houston
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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Getty Images

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