The True Meaning Behind “In My Blood”

On March 22nd, 2018 Shawn Mendes released what is quite arguably one of his biggest hits thus far. Originally, “In My Blood” was NOT a favored song of Shawn’s. Furthermore, this song brings light to several issues that the young star might be battling himself. For example, one theory is that he is more aware of the battles his fans are facing than most might realize.

Releasing this song was a big risk in Shawn‘s eyes, but it exceeded every one of his expectations. He often speaks quite openly about how afraid he actually was to release this single.

Video: Sophia Mora

Above, the displayed video is a moment captured from Shawn’s Q&A session in San Antonio. The room was full of fans with tons of fantastic questions. In addition, Shawn discussed how releasing “In My Blood” was quite possibly one of the scariest moments he has ever faced. He states that he truly thought for a moment that he was making the biggest mistake of his life.

What Do His Fans Have to Say?

Recently, MDRN MAG gave The Mendes Army an opportunity to speak out about the impact that this single has had on their lives. Of course, they did not disappoint!

Artwork: @fyfemma
Artwork: @colouredmendes

Many fans show their gratitude in different ways. For example, as seen above, some fans create fan art whether its a painting on a canvas, or an incredible work of art created on a face using makeup! Others are better with their words….

First Impressions of “In My Blood”

“When I first heard In My Blood, I was honestly shocked at how raw and honest Shawn was being. It really took me by surprise but I was so glad he did.”

Aide // @elfsseok

Fan Art: Tayna Oliveiras

“I immediately fell in love with the song and it’s meaning after the first listen. I instantly connected and I remember my first thought being that it was exactly what I needed.”

Natalie // @nataliesirwin

“When I first listened to the song, I cried hearing Shawn talk about the struggles of anxiety and depression. It made me realize that having anxiety can happen to anyone. This song helped me understand that I’m not alone and that there are many others who feel the same way.”

Paige // @mendes_paige

Even though Shawn‘s original feelings towards this single were not too positive, it is quite obvious that his fans never questioned the release of this song. They supported him throughout the process wholeheartedly, and I think it is safe to say that Shawn certainly doesn’t regret the song’s release now.

What does “In My Blood” Mean to the Fans?

” The song made me feel like Shawn himself understood what was going on in my life. Its a song I can relate to that helped me get out of a difficult time in my life”

Emma // @Emma_dawn

Fan Art: Alize Cano

“To me, it means that if you’re dealing with something such as anxiety, depression or whatever the case may be….You’re not alone because there is someone out there just like you”

Rebecca // @heyitsrebecca

Fan Art: Alize Cano

“Whenever my anxiety goes through the roof, I remember this song. I am reminded that I am more than my illness and that my depression will NOT win.”

Julissa // @lostinjul

This song clearly holds a lot of meaning in the hearts of many people. Shawn took the opportunity to speak about some heavy topics within this single. Even though he feared the backlash that might come with the release of any song, he still managed to succeed in comforting his fans that are really just dealing with the same struggles that he is as well.

The Best Lyrics From “In My Blood”

Looking through my phone again, feeling anxious. Afraid to be alone again, I hate this.

“This is my favorite line because it’s exactly how I feel. Social media can be so complicated and crude. Plus, feeling alone is one of the worst feelings.”

Emily // @emilyjade04_

Fan Art: Rebecca Sanchez

Help me. It’s like the walls are caving in, sometimes I feel like giving up. But I just can’t, it isn’t in my blood

“My favorite line is the first part of the chorus. I believe that overall this section has the most meaning because he’s asking for help. He gives a hint to what anxiety feels like while simultaneously saying that even though you feel that way, everyone is meant to fight and not give up.”

Destiny // @destiny33991

Fan Art: Jess Ladbrook

Sometimes I feel like giving up, no medicine is strong enough. Someone help me

“This line really speaks to me because I’ve tried different medications to try and aid my anxiety, yet they make no difference. It can be quite devastating at time because the thought of being able to just cure my anxiety away is nice, but that’s not how life works. When I first heard that line, it sent chills down my spine.”

Emma // @emma_virden

Clearly, many listeners were heavily moved by the lyrics throughout “In My Blood”. In fact, nobody took offense, more fans than not actually felt a level of comfort from the vulnerability that Shawn displayed in the release of this song.

shawn mendes
Photo: @TrackingSM on Twitter

What’s the Message?

“Don’t let your anxiety cripple you. Don’t let it hold you back. Take a deep breath, take a minute to relax, and go for it!”

Jordan // Twitter: N/A

“I think that Shawn was trying to show that no body is perfect and even the biggest stars in the world go through some of the same struggles that normal, everyday people do. In fact, he is trying to tell his fans to never give up and keep trying no matter what.”

Ciara // ciara_mackey1

“I can’t speak for Shawn, but the message I received was that its okay to feel insecure and struggle with things within yourself, but you can’t give up no matter how much you want to. You have to push through it because it just might get better. And it can definitely get better. I also believe he was trying to connect with his fans in a way that no one has before by letting us know that he also struggles with his own demons as well, but he tries to stay strong and persevere.”

Jordyn // @ghostofjordie

Was It Worth It?

In summary, there is no doubt about the fact that what Shawn believed to be his biggest mistake turned out to be one of his biggest accomplishments. After hearing directly from his fanbase it became clear just how meaningful it was for them to hear Shawn be so open about his own struggles.

Further, this song not only encourages those going through dark times to keep fighting, but it helps them realize that even their favorite artist might be dealing with the same issues. That, is what I believe to be the most comforting aspect of the song for the fans. It almost alleviates the overwhelming feeling of their struggles when they realize the one they admire most is able to fight through it, which encourages them to do the same.

shawn mendes
Photo: @TrackingSM on Twitter

Lastly, for those that don’t know, the young star celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday, August 8th. All of us from MDRN MAG wish him a fun-filled and most importantly a SAFE 21st birthday!

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Words: Sophia Mora | Featured Photo: Jess Ladbrook

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