Jess Conte: Road To Residency

After a 2.5 year wait, Jess Conte finally has her US residency! This is her story…

Jess and Gabriel – The Backstory

A successful DM slide

After seeing Gabriel on fellow YouTuber Jacko‘s Snapchat in December 2015, Jess later came across Gabriel again on Instagram, deciding to follow him because he too, was a Christian and occasionally posting Bible verses. At the time she was living in Brisbane, Australia, but decided to DM Gabriel because she was planning a 4-week trip to LA, and wanted to ask about local churches. As luck would have it – Gabriel was couch-bound after just having wisdom tooth removal surgery and answered her DM!

After meeting up in LA to go to church together – the rest is history. Their relationship began as long distance, but the pair got engaged the following year in September and married mid December in Australia. But the best part about the story – Jess swears she told her mom she would marry Gabriel the first day she met him.

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Brisbane to LA

After their wedding, the pair moved in together in LA. Although they may be known as YouTubers – there is so much more to the Conte‘s. Their joint YouTube vlog channel “Jess and Gabriel” currently over 3.1M subscribers, Jess‘s personal channel has over 2.2M, and Gabriel‘s channel has over 1.8M. The pair have released 5 EPs, all available on Spotify, and even embarked on a US tour, cleverly named Another Day, Another Tour, after they begin every (4th) vlog with “Another Day, Another Vlog“.

But that’s not all – the pair even have their own clothing brand Conteam, after their last name Conte. Even THAT’S not all! Jess also has her own stationery and lifestyle company, Harper and Willow, which sell a variety of items including; notepads, journals, pens, candles, t-shirts, bags and more. And while Jess is creating all the physical objects we desire, Gabriel gives us all the entertainment we need via his acting projects. Just to name a few, he has featured on Guilty Party, Mr Student Body President and Foursome – that’s not even mentioning his editing and producing credits.

Its fair to say the Conte‘s are a very talented pair – but as Jess has mentioned before – social media is a highlight reel. And their fans were blissfully unaware of Jess‘s residency issues, and the pain it was causing her, until she posted a video explaining it.

Since the video was posted in August of 2018 – fans have rallied behind Jess, sending love and prayers. Since then, she has posted multiple videos to her personal YouTube, and joint channel with Gabriel, providing fans with updates. Click below to see these videos.


But on July 25th 2019, Jess informed fans via her YouTube channel that she had finally secured her residency! Watch the video below:

Going Home

Jess and Gabriel started filming the new series, Going Home, for their YouTube channel the second they got notice of her interview – the last step in the process before being confirmed or denied a green card. Gabriel flawlessly edited the 3 episode series – showcasing his incredible film making talents.

The series shows various clips from the months of June and July of this year. From informing friends of their interview, a brief explanation of Jess‘s residency process, their preparation for the interview, telling their friends and Gabriel‘s family once they had been approved, and planning where to keep their adorable little golden doodle dog Milo. It all leads up to the moment of surprising Jess‘s family in Australia – none the wiser (except her sister Sarah) that she’d even had her interview notice, let alone been approved.

Episode One

The first episode of the series begins with flashbacks of videos Jess and Gabriel had posted to their YouTube in the early days of their relationship. The flashbacks transition into footage of Gabriel proposing to Jess atop a cliff. The flashbacks set the scene – telling their history, one also including Jess first explaining her residency struggles.

Following the notification of their interview on June 10th, the pair immediately pick up their camera – shock evident in both their faces. The remainder of the video is filled with more shock, as they tell their various friends and family members the news; friends Sebastian and Bobby who frequently appear in their vlogs are some of the first to know – including Gabriel’s brother Claudio, his wife Madi and Jess’s sister Sarah. Did we cry every time someone expressed their shock and joy at Jess’ interview notification? Perhaps…

Episode Two

Much like the previous episode, frequent flash forwards appear in the second episode of the pair informing both their families that Jess has secured her residency – making us that much eager to reach those moments. The video begins a few days before Jess’s interview on July 10th – the pair planning their trip to Florida – a trip they already hadn’t planned for a friends wedding. Perfect timing.

Arriving 1.5 hours early for their interview in Miami, the pair emerge back 3 hours later with a voice over from their lawyer telling them to celebrate – Jess had been approved! Back in Florida the next day, the pair tell Gabriel’s parents, brother, and his sister – fellow YouTuber Sofia.

Next to find out Jess has secured her residency is her best friend – also called Jess, also based in Florida. Again, we cried, every time someone found out.

Episode Three

Concluding after three episodes – the most anticipated moment finally arrives in the last episode, where Jess surprises her family. Not even two minutes into the video after collecting Jess‘s green card, Gabriel says “I’m not crying you are”. And he was right. we were crying. Or so we thought. Finally after the 26 minute mark Jess comes face-to-face with her family in Australia. And when her mom screamed and fell to the floor crying, we really lost it. Someone pass us 78 boxes of tissues.

But none of this was possible before first collecting Jess’s greencard, and getting on their flight. Moments before surprising her parents and brother, Jess and Gabriel scheme in the car with her sister Sarah; organising how to best surprise them. Her family hid upstairs, Sarah telling them she had a present she wanted to set up – and boy were they surprised when they walked in the room to find Jess and Gabriel were the surprise. The plan was fool proof.

Following Jess and her story for the last 4 years has been a privilege. Here at Pop Sundae we’re all ecstatic Jess finally has her US residency! We’re loving the snaps the pair are posting to Instagram of her travels around Australia with Gabriel too.

Australian Content

The pair have even already given us new content, just 5 days after the end of their Going Home series. Today, a new video was posted to their joint YouTube channel, Jess and Gabriel. The video is titled “American Husband Driving in Australia“, and centres around Gabriel. Jess also posted “Driving in Australia Again” on her own vlog channel, where this time, she is behind the wheel. Both videos are a subtle nod to previous videos the pair have posted of the same nature, each driving in the others respective country.

We half expected the two to take a break from filming whilst travelling, but we are LIVING for the content, we cant wait to see what else they have planned. (Please give us a reunion video with Jacko in Sydney. We beg).

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Gabriel Conte on Instagram

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