Jake Miller Has Nothing to be “NERVOUS” About

A pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer is an impressive list of titles almost as long as a receipt from CVS. The titles only become more impressive when we tell you they belong to the handsome and dashing Jake Miller who happens to be just twenty-six years old. Are you in love yet? So are we.

Here’s the real question: Did Jake barter with a magical witch for good looks and a voice to kill for and how do we do the same? Unfortunately for us, a fire gene pool and hard work are to be credited here. In May of 2011, Jake won the Samsung and T-Mobile USA national ‘Kick it With the Band’ talent competition. His prize included $35,000 as well as a video with Youtuber Keenan Cahill. He then went on to perform with the likes of Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, and Asher Roth at the “Think Pink Rocks” concert benefitting breast cancer. Impressed? There’s more. He’s opened for Mac Miller AND performed at the Y100 “Jingle Ball” concert. (It’s okay to swoon now, we won’t judge.)

Jake Miller has blessed us with another song.

Jake Miller’s newest release “NERVOUS” (out today, August 9th) has us melting and not because of the summer heat. “NERVOUS” is written by Jake and produced by Tomos. With a voice as sweet and as smooth as honey and an uplifting beat, “NERVOUS” is an anthem perfect for driving down Pacific Coast Highway with the top down and wind blowing through your hair on a summer afternoon.

It calls to mind one of those amazing summer flings. You know the ones we’re talking about. The dates with carnival rides, cotton candy, and a kiss at the top of the ferris wheel. Please let this song be playing on our next date (preferably with Jake himself, thank you).

Jake’s fall tour with Hoodie Allen kicks off September 19th, and before you go running to buy tickets, we made it easy and linked it here for you.
We gotchu, B.

Now, in case one new song isn’t enough for you, Jake will be releasing a new track every two weeks (um yes please!).

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Words: Lexy B | Featured Photo: Derrick Freske

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