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2004, is that you? Acting as the human-embodiment of “the city that never sleeps?”. with her constant hard work and drive to succeed, Elle Winter is here to release the next single off her debut EP. At only twenty-years-old, this New York-native already has a growing fan base to support her singing, songwriting and acting. With a voice that’s reminiscent of the 2000’s pop princess, JoJo, there’s no doubt in our minds that this budding artist will be raking in new fans faster than you can say “Leave, Get Out.”

After participating in an acting class at just seven years old, Elle was hooked on the possibility of being part of the entertainment industry. She was full of love and passion for the art, even at such a young age, which led to her being approached by a talent manager who later pushed her to participate in Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing program. This in itself was a crucial step in Elle’s growth before she released her independent single “One More” during 1028. Shortly after, the deal with Red Music took place and the journey towards Elle’s next single and her, eventual, debut EP began.

We can’t shake the feeling that we’re back at our eighth grade dance, in a school uniform, trying to decide if waiting for the perfect moment to ask that cute boy to dance is worth the sticky hot humidity in the gymnasium. We can totally see this track finding a home next to “Since U Been Gone” and “My Happy Ending,” right before “Mr. Brightside.”

Rising star, Elle Winter, drops brand new single “Cave In” off her EP.

Elle Winter’s “Cave In” is the perfect track to bridge the generation gap between Gen Y and Gen Z kids, with a beat that brings on waves of nostalgia and themes of toxicity while being completely self-aware in your toxic traits. After working with a production team, The Orphanage (most notable for working on recent albums from Demi Lovato and Alessia Cara), Elle’s personal experiences have found themselves becoming transformative.

With the release of “Cave In,” and Elle’s ever-growing traction, Pop Sundae wanted to have a little chat with the Disney-discovered star to shed some light on her experiences and influences.

Scroll down to read our in-depth interview with Elle Winter herself!

Elle Winter

In your career so far, what is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received and who did it come from?
My mom always says that everything happens for a reason. I think carrying that message with me has been beyond helpful throughout my journey. 

Your new single “Cave In” drops on Friday. Are you excited? How are you feeling about it finally being out in the world?
I don’t think I could be MORE excited! I feel like I shouldn’t say this, but it is my favorite song I’ve ever written. It feels pretty surreal that soon people will be able to listen to it and hopefully connect with it in the way I do. 

In regard to your lyrics, particularly the specific line from your new single, “You walking away really saved me,” do you think that toxic connections are now considered a standard part of any relationship? 
I guess you could say that today given our excessive use of social media and other online activities, we are constantly entertained. Whereas prior to this digital age relationships were a source of security and stability, now they could be confused as yet another source of entertainment. I remember during my first relationship talking to my friend’s mom about something that was bothering me and she told me relationships, especially at such a young age, should be enjoyable and easy, rather than drama-filled and “toxic.”

When you look back at that song now, what did you learn from the relationship that prompted it? What would you like listeners to take away from the song?
The song is a very reflective one. It was written after this relationship that, in hindsight, [it] was not good for me or my ex. This song was inspired by me realizing that we were both lucky to not have revisited our relationship and to have left it in the past, rather than get back together. I want my fans to know that it’s okay to be on your own and that while at first, it may seem scary and very tempting to reenter a previous circumstance, it can be best to leave the past where it is.

Are there any other specific lyrics within the song that you think listeners will connect to the most?
I think the titular lyric will hopefully resonate with listeners, “If you said you were sorry, I’d cave in,” given this idea of not being able to resist something that was once special is something I’ve not only experienced but have seen my friends and people I love experience [as well].

What did the writing and recording process for this song look like? Was it different from your previous two singles “Sick of You” and “Do You”?It was similar, given I came into the session with personal experience of mine and a story/concept to share with my collaborators as I had done with my previous singles. I did, however, have an urge to create a song with an interesting juxtaposition of happiness and sadness.

I arrived at the session and spoke to the producers, The Orphanage, about the track giving listeners the urge to dance yet cry at the same time. What was crazy was that The Orphanage started messing around with beats and ideas and soon after played me what they had worked on, and their track had produced the exact feeling I tried to articulate. We then delved into the lyrics and the concept and made sure to tell the story as authentically as possible.

Elle Winter

“[W]hile I’m sweet, I do also hold my ground and don’t let people treat me badly”

You’re releasing your debut EP soon, so in your own words, what is the over-arching theme of the EP?
I would say the EP is empowering, yet vulnerable. For example, in several of these songs it takes me going through a difficult experience to achieve this sense of empowerment.

Which song off the EP are you most excited for your fans to hear?
I am very excited for them to hear “Cave In” and another single of mine, “Yeah No.” Every time I post snippets of either songs, I get several excited messages from fans asking about release dates etc. I also am excited to release these two because I hope that through my own vulnerability and honesty my listeners can connect with my stories and feel like they aren’t alone… hopefully creating a sense of community through this shared experience. 

Which track is the most personal to you? What was the inspiration behind it?
They are honestly all very personal and inspired by unique experiences of mine. From happy experiences to painful ones, I am inspired by it all. 

What is your go-to song to add to a summer playlist?
I am currently loving Dominic Fike, I think his songs are perfect for a chill summer vibe. 

Finally, what can new listeners expect from you, Elle Winter, in the future?
I have a lot of new music on the way and tour dates to announce soon!!

Elle Winter
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