NikkieTutorials is Engaged and We’re Totally Jealous

Beauty guru NikkieTutorials announced her engagement via Instagram post. Her boyfriend, Dylan, popped the question while the two were on vacation in Italy.

While we’re incredibly happy for Nikkie, we’re kind of sad that her last name won’t be Tutorials anymore.

On the bright side, the queen of makeup herself will be delving into bridal makeup. – And she’s gonna save so much money on a makeup artist for her wedding because she can just do it herself. Or not, if she doesn’t want to. (But we’re all secretly hoping for a GRWM Wedding Edition.)

nikkietutorials engagement ring
Photo: NikkieTutorials on Instagram

Her ring is unlike any that we’ve seen, and we’re wholeheartedly in love with it – and them! Nikkie’s been posting her fair share of ring pics all over Instagram, and we can’t say we blame her or act like we aren’t totally living for it. Dylan opted for a more Nikkie-esque ring, steering clear from traditional.

The two have been dating for a year, though only made it official on Instagram in January. The 25-year-old shared a short, but sweet, post on Instagram to celebrate her engagement; and the caption says it all.

This post comes shortly after another on the NikkieTutorials Instagram account. Just the day before, Nikkie shared a snap of her and her now fiancé, captioned: “hi just having the best time here in Italy. that’s it. that’s the post.”

We could not be happier for Nikkie, or Dylan, and we wish them the absolute best! May their years together be filled with love, joy, and utter happiness. Congratulations Nikkie!


Words: Shae Arabella | Featured Photo: NikkieTutorials on Instagram

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