International Cat Day at MDRN MAG

International Cat Day at MDRN MAG

It’s International Cat Day and MDRN MAG has a treat for you!

Today is the day that we’ve all been waiting for! International Cat Day!!!! We get to share pictures of our cats without being judged by others! We at MDRN MAG asked our team members to send in pictures and a cute fact about their babies! So keep reading and please hold your “awws” until the end!



Meet Nala! Daughter of MDRN MAG editor, Mar Maldonado. Nala isn’t like your average cat, in-fact she’s more dog like. She spends her days following her mom around the house expressing her doggish needs. She tends to lure her prey in by showing off her award winning mane (her name isn’t Nala for no reason) before she strikes and cuddles you to death.



This is the offspring of MDRN MAG Founder, Natasha Fountain. Batman is nothing shy of his namesake. Always eager to save the world, he likes to jump in people’s cars to go on a heroic adventure. He’s gone to work with his Grandpa many times, and ran around his hotel while he was working. He’s almost gone to Manchester with Natasha couple of times too! Be sure to keep an eye out for the Bat Signal!



Rocky is the second child of Natasha! In her house, the TV remote is interactive and Rocky likes to jump up on the TV at the pointer. Sometimes (often) he falls off the stand and just lays there. She can see it in his eyes “why am I like this?” We don’t know Rocky, but we still love you!



Edward is the prodigal son of MDRN MAG Founder, Celine Martinez. He loves parkour, making muffins on fluffy surfaces, and staring out of windows. Nothing beats nap time for Edward. His father calls him a crack head but his mother thinks he’s absolutely purrfect. Follow Edward on Instagram.



Voodoo is the fur-child of MDRN MAG writer, Sophia Mora. He is known for being quite the chatterbox. He always likes to talk to his mom when she gets home. There isn’t a single safe lap in the house once you bring out the blanket. He HAS to be sprawled out across your lap and snuggle up, it’s his favorite thing to do! To be fair….It’s our favorite thing to do, too.

Gucci & Louis Vuitton


Gucci & Louis are the twin boys of MDRN MAG editor, Jace Chiappetta. Both are identical in looks, but so different in personality. While Gucci loves spending his days lying on his mother and eating, Louis chooses a more rambunctious approach to life. You can find Louis running around the house, knocking EVERYTHING possible over and drinking out of the toilet bowl. Both completely opposite, they equally own their mother’s heart.

Well, those are the Cats of MDRN MAG! Share your fur-babies with us!


Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: MDRN MAG Team

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