“Love Me Less” MAX ft. Quinn XCII Jimmy Kimmel

August 6th was a day to remember, on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel artists MAX ft. Quinn XCII gave a stellar performance. Not only was the stage design phenomenal but the energy the two exhibit is intoxicating. Released in April of 2019, their song “Love Me Less” has some profound lyrics that we think everyone can get behind.


Love. Everyone wants to be loved. Or wonders, could they be loved? Maybe we wonder if the people we have been with and things we have seen make us that much less deserving. That is exactly the question posed in “Love Me Less” by MAX ft Quinn XCII.

“Would you love me less?
If you knew the places that I’ve been?
If you knew the damage that I did?”

Throughout the first half of the song there is a fear of being loved less for the places they have been, things they have done, but with a very strong hope that love is there regardless. There is an admittance of humanity, a monologue of things they regret.

“I’m happy you never saw me in college
Blood on my hands I refuse to acknowledge
That’s why I get light headed, thin ice that I’m treading”

But to close it off they show obvious faith in their partner’s love and acceptance of them. This song is a beautiful acknowledging of the insecurity we can experience in a relationship.

“Would you love me less (Would you love me less?)
If I had a dollar for my sins? (A dollar for my sins, now)
If you knew the beds that I’ve been in?
Would you love me less? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no”

Music Video

With such beautiful lyrics we would hope the music video reflects that same depth. Amassing over 5 million views, between the story and the colors, you will not be disappointed. Comparing two relationships it really brings to life the idea that if a person loves you they will take all of you in stride. While one woman constantly screams and complains the next woman takes the “bad” with a smile. Taking a comic and light take on what could be a really depressing and heartbreaking issue gold and yellow really compliment each other. You will see what I mean.

Jimmy Kimmel

And what is a performance without visuals? If the music video did not tell you let me spell it out, color is the name of the game. MAX and Quinn XCII have visuals down in spades. The stage was beautiful with the design transforming the stage into some hidden or abandoned castle courtyard. Nature and color are evident favorites based on the choice of clothing. The deep of the greens and high contrast lighting really brought out that iconic yellow color the two artists sport for the performance.
And lets just say, MAX has some moves.

We tend to be real critics when it comes to studio version vs live performances but MAX and Quinn XCII really nail the energy. The two compliment each other well with MAX being the real driving force. Quinn XCII adds to the energy when MAX directs it to him but otherwise hes truly grooving to the beat.

Max and Quinn XCII

Now for the uninitiated, you may be wondering who in the world are these guys? While you might think you don’t know, we’ve got you covered.

Max Schneider, other wise known as MAX, has been around for a minute. You may know him from the Nickelodeon TV series How To Rock. He also co-wrote the song “Show you How to Do” from Shake it Up.
Currently MAX is finishing up his completely sold out Intimate AF Tour.

Quinn on the other hand might be a little harder to place. Originally going by ‘Mike T‘, true to his stage presence he is a quiet force. Steadily working since 2011 with producer Ayokay and on YouTube, music seems to be a labor of love for him dedicating songs to his grandparents and working to promote mental health awareness.

Website | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Quinn XCII
Website | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Words: Dakota Burnsed | Featured Photo: Jimmy Kimmel

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