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What Do We Know So Far?

Back at San Diego Comic Con, a panel of The Walking Dead actors revealed details of the upcoming series, alongside executive producer Angela Kang. Led by Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead), the panel also featured; Danai Gurira (Michonne), Cailey Fleming (Judith), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Melissa McBride (Carol), Avi Nash (Siddiq), Ryan Hurst (Beta), Nadia Hilker (Magna), Eleanor Matsura (Yumiko), Cooper Andrews (Jerry), and Norman Reedus (Daryl).

Michonne actress Danai Gurira will be leaving the show this coming season.

I can confirm that this is the last season I will be on this amazing TV show as Michonne. I would just like to say that this has been one of the purest joys of my life to play this role and to be amongst these people and those who are not here right now and amongst all of you. I’m very thankful for the experience I’ve had in ways I can’t state right now. My heart does not leave in any way, shape or form. The TWD family is forever. The connection between us never ends.

Danai Gurira (Michonne)

Watch the full panel at San Diego Comic Con below:

The Whisperers are a different type of enemy. [This season] we’ll see what it’s like to be in a Whisper war.

Angela Kang – Executive Producer

Watch the panel of The Walking Dead producers below:

A trailer for the upcoming 10th season of The Walking Dead was also shown at SDCC. Watch the trailer below:

New Characters

Announced prior to SDCC, David Shae will join the cast in series 10 as Dante – a rogueish, fast-talking, sometimes charming, sometimes annoying’ character. In the comics, Dante plays love interest to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) – but as we all know, the TV version has taught us to expect the unexpected. Their relationship in this series remains unknown.

Two additional characters were announced at the weekend. Kevin Carroll will play Virgil – a survivor anxious to get home to his family, as anyone would be in the apocalypse.

Kevin Carrol as Virgil

New Whisperer Gamma has also been cast – portrayed by Thora Birch. Said to be fiercely protective of their leader Alpha (Samantha Morton), Gamma is a true believer of their animalistic way of life, acting as a sentry.

Thora Birch as Gamma

When does it air?

The Walking Dead season 10 premiere on Sunday, October 6 on AMC in the US. The series will premiere the following day in the UK on FOX (Monday, October 7).

Upcoming Untitled The Walking Dead Movies

Andrew Lincoln who portrays Rick Grimes on the show, will not appear in the 10th season of The Walking Dead, after being taken away in a helicopter with Jadis, played by Pollyanna McCintosh. However, he will appear in 3 upcoming Walking Dead movies; showing exclusively in cinemas.

Although not much has been revealed about the helicopter community in The Walking Dead, their story has began to unravel in Fear The Walking Dead. Whilst the location of this new community is unknown – a short teaser has been released. An unspecified skyline is shown in the trailer – Philadelphia?

Watch the teaser below:

Fear The Walking Dead

What Do We Know So Far?

Along with executive producers Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, cast members Lennie James (Morgan), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia), Danay García (Luciana), Maggie Grace (Althea), Jenna Elfman (June/Niomi/Laura), Austin Amellio (Dwight), Alexa Nisenson (Charlie), Rubén Blades (Daniel), and Karen David (Grace) appeared at SDCC for a Fear The Walking Dead panel, led by Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead).

Between 501 and 508, that’s a concentrated chunk of time. It’s a matter of a week or so that our characters are stuck on the other side of that mountain. And then when we come back in 509 – and I don’t want to give away too much – but we will be jumping ahead a little bit and finding our characters in circumstances that they have been in for several months.

Andrew Chambliss – Executive Producer

After spending the majority of 5A on different sides of the mountain range – the group were finally reunited at the end of the season. Both groups made new allies by the end of the season, and 5B allows enough time for fans to see them have learnt how to work together. 5B will also see the group explore Logan‘s motives behind defending the oil fields.

Watch the full panel at San Diego Comic Con below:

A trailer for season 5B of Fear The Walking Dead was also shown at SDCC. Watch the trailer below:

When does it air?

Fear The Walking Dead season 10 premieres on Sunday, August 11 on AMC in the US. The series will premiere the following day in the UK on FOX (Monday, August 12).

Untitled Spin-Off Series – Monument?

A 2nd spinoff to The Walking Dead is in the works, after the success of first spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead saw major success. Referred to under its current unofficial title, Monument, a local news report has provided photos of airplane debris where the show is filming in Virginia.

With two female protagonists, the series will act as a coming-of-age story, featuring predominantly young cast members. Actors already confirmed for the series are; Aliyah Royale (Iris), Annet Mahendru (Huck), Alexa Mansour (Hope), Nicolas Cantu (Elton) and Hal Cumpston (Silas), all featuring in the teaser trailer.

Nico Tortorella was also announced yesterday to feature in the series. Cast as Felix, he is described as an honorable man of his word, who isn’t afraid to fight for others’ safety and acceptance.

Watch the teaser below:

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