The Ultimate Back to School Survival Guide

It’s that time again, and by that time again we mean school! From school supplies to new clothes, from comparing schedules to coordinating lunch periods with your besties… going back to the classroom after a summer of fun requires a bit of adjustment. Lucky for you, we’ve made you the Ultimate Back to School Survival Guide, complete with playlists and a handy checklist of items your teachers might have forgotten to mention you’ll need.

Back to School Checklist

  • Extra lunch money in your shoe so you can still eat after the bullies take your main stash
  • Breath mints to cover up the fact that you tried to sneak a smoke in the bathroom
  • Feminine Hygiene products and a Tide pen because we all know that if that’s going to happen, it’ll be on the first day of school in white pants
  • Gas money so you can bribe someone to give you a ride home and you won’t have to ride the cheese wagon twice in one day
  • A sharpie so you can write your number on the back of some cutie’s hand if locker flirtation goes well
  • Sanitary storage for the piercings that one teacher tells you that you can’t have in her class

Back to School Dos

Do avoid eye contact on the bus. They’re animals and you’ll have your license soon. Repeat this to yourself. It’s how you’ll get by.

Do save Calum Hood selfies and have them printed on photo paper at your local Walgreens. Cut them out and paste them to the inside of your locker. “What? Oh! Him? That’s nobody. Just my boyfriend, Cal. Oh! Hahahahaha! No, you can’t really meet him. He lives in Canada.”

Do download one of those high frequency ringtones that adults can’t hear.

Do smile a lot. It makes you look approachable and friendly. Unless you’re going for that broody vibe. (It’s not a phase, mom. It’s who I am!)

Do download this rockin Back to School playlist we made just for you! It’ll make the days fly by!

Back to School Dont’s

Don’t be the guy that reminds the teacher that he forgot to collect the homework. Or that she forgot to give the pop quiz. This is crucial. Your social life depends on this. We shouldn’t have to tell you this.

Don’t loan out your pencils or pens. You’ll never see them again. And then, when your mom takes you to buy more school supplies, she’ll put your name on everything like she did on your jumbo pencils in second grade and embarrass you in front of your whole class by labeling everything and then a girl with a different name but the same initials still stole your pencils anyway. No? Just me. Let’s move on and pretend this never happened.

Don’t forget to buy these stickers. Naps in class can be yours.

Photo: Oddity Mall

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

If we’ve learned anything as we’ve hit our twenties, it’s that the coolest thing you can ever be, is real. There’s nothing wrong with being a little weird, and a lot of the people we look up to the most are unapologetically so. In simple terms, don’t fake who you are. People can see through it. And will. The truest friends, the best experiences, and the most memorable times will come from letting go of the facades and just being yourself.

Don’t forget to bookmark so you can catch up on all the tea as soon as the dismissal bell rings (and maybe at lunch and when the teacher is distracted)

So that’s it! You’re ready for school! And, if you’re like us, you’ve already started a countdown on your phone for fall break. (Halloween is in 64 days, by the way. We’re counting that down, too.) Your final Back to School tip is to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know if we missed anything important on our list!

Have a great school year! We’re rooting for you!

Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Pixabay

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