YUNGBLUD – Sing It Or Tweet It?

YUNGBLUD – Sing It Or Tweet It?

In honor of our favorite YUNGBLUD’s 22nd Birthday, we put together a fun little quiz!

YUNGBLUD is known for saying some wild, deep, and meaningful things. His tweets and lyrics are nothing short of inspirational and will never fail to make you feel like you’re not alone.

Do you think you will be able to tell the difference between his lyrics or tweets? Test your knowledge here!

"They nod and smile, but I can tell they still don’t believe me"

yungblud 21st century Spotify
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"Got called an alien for being myself, I ain’t got the patience to be someone else"

yungblud ritalin club YUNGBLUD
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"I'm drinking the bleach so that I feel the fire, inside is a riot but I'm in too deep"

yungblud alt press Alternative Press
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"Was your plan all along , to preconceive and do us wrong"

yungblud alt press Alternative Press
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" Don't give a fuck about myself, all they do is analyze my mental health"

Joey Tortuga
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"I have never seen the person you are perceiving, but I don't wanna be alone when I start breathing"

yungblud come up show The Come Up Show
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"I'm down and depressed, all I want is your head on my chest"

yungblud parents YouTube
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"Someone told me my knees look like pandas yesterday, I think she was high"

yungblud parents
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"Every time I find a part of myself, I find another part seems to get lost"

ritalin club YUNGBLUD
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"I’m an experiment of young irrelevance, I'm insecure so I got tattoo of an elephant"

YUNGBLUD isle of wight Sarah Louise Bennette
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Did He Sing It Or Tweet It?

You're a certified STAN! You know all things YUNGBLUD. Double the U, double the flavourrrrrr
The Ritalin Club

The mediation seems to be taking effect, but you won’t let them stop you.

You need some brushing up, my friend! You don't wanna be a Loner do, ya?
Psychotic Kid

No turning back time to fix this mess...
21st Century Liability

21st century

You need to stop everything you're doing and start studying YUNGBLUD.

YUNGBLUD kicks off his North American tour this fall! Catch him in a city near you.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Sarah Louise Bennette

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