Descendants 3

Descendants 3

Third in the trilogy, Descendants 3 premiered on Disney Channel August 2nd; a story focussing on the children of classic heritage Disney villains.

The stars and director of #Descendants3 hope the third story in the franchise empowers young viewers to follow their dreams and not be defined by their circumstances but rather their choices and actions as they connect to the world, their family and friends. 

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VK Day makes it “Good To Be Bad”

Across the sea on the Isle Of The Lost, ‘VK Day’ is in full swing – complete with its very own musical number. Despite the fact all villain kids have been practicing their choreography since the second film, in hopes of being chosen, the lucky 4 selected for a new life in Auradon are; Dizzy (daughter of DrizellaAnna Cathcart), Celia (daughter of Dr. FacilierJadah Marie), and Squeaky & Squirmy (Smee‘s twin sons – Christian Convery and Luke Roessler).

Back in Auradon, land of magic and privilege, King Ben (son of Belle and BeastMitchell Hope) proposes to Mal (daughter of MaleficentDove Cameron). Everyone in Auradon feels the celebration – except Audrey (daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince PhillipSarah Jeffrey). Although her absence from the second film was described as a retreat – we know it was really because she was busy dying her hair cute pastel colours.

Audrey wants to be “Queen Of Mean?”

Instead of taking the easy route, being happy for Ben and Mal, Audrey instead channels her rage of Mal‘s soon-to-be-queen-status into a sassy R&B jam – stealing Maleficent‘s scepter and the queens crown from the local museum in the process.

Along with Celia, the 4 original VKs – Mal, Evie (daughter of Evil QueenSofia Carson), Carlos (son of Cruella De VilCameron Boyce) and Jay (son of JafarBooboo Stewart) – travel back to The Isle to retrieve Mal‘s father Hades’ ember, the only magical object strong enough to overcome Maleficent’s scepter.

“Do What You Gotta Do”

Whilst there – naturally – Hades (Cheyenne Jackson) and Mal break out into song, resolving their differences. But not surprisingly, the ember is snatched by Uma (daughter of UrsulaChina Ann McClain), and her pirate allies Harry (son of Captain HookThomas Doherty) and Gil (son of GastonDylan Playfair) not 5 minutes later.

After agreeing to help defeat Audrey in exchange for the barrier preventing magic over The Isle being removed; Uma agrees to lend a hand (and a few tentacles) to the VKs. But when Mal eventually admits that the VK program has already been shut down; our favourite villain turned hero is left completely alone – Celia even extinguishes Hades’ ember in anger.

Mal relives her “Once Upon a Time”

As expected, Mal quickly regains her friends’ trust – after a ballad about friendship. And after transforming into a dragon – Mal battles battling Audrey, who is planted atop the castle with Celia as her hostage.

Hades is later called upon to heal Audrey, after she becomes injured during her prior face-off with Mal. After a heartwarming scene with her father Hades, Mal concludes that morality isn’t as simple as she had pitched earlier in the movie. Much like the choice her and the other 3 original VKs got in the first film – everyone deserves to make their own decision, to not be judged for their heritage.

“Break This Down”

After dropping the barrier with Fairy Godmother‘s wand, the movie ends with a group song and dance number – both Auradon and Isle residents united. But not before this iconic scene between Mal, Ben and Hades… (he’s watching you, Ben).

And somewhere between the drama; Jane (daughter of Fairy GodmotherBrenna D’Amico) heals Ben after Audrey casts a spell turning him into a ‘Beast’, knights come to life causing a sword fight with the VKs, and Evie wakes Doug (son of Dwarf DopeyZachary Gibson), from his sleeping state with true loves kiss, another of Audrey‘s spells.

Remembering Cameron Boyce

One of his last remaining projects to air after his passing July 6th, both the beginning and end to the film featured a dedication to Cameron Boyce – showcasing his life, and time on Disney Channel.

Pre-film dedication.
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You mean everything to us 💖

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Post-film dedication.
Dove (Mal), Sofia (Evie), Booboo (Jay) text Cameron (Carlos) before Descendants 3 airs.

Descendants 3 Soundtrack

Musical highlight of the film, Dove Cameon (Mal) and Cheyenne Jackson (Hades) perform a back and forth style song; bantering their relationship over Hades giving Mal the Ember she needs – the only thing more powerful than Maleficent‘s scepter possessed by Audrey.

Other musical numbers from the film include; Sarah Jeffrey – “Queen Of Mean“, Dove Cameron – “My Once Upon A Time“, Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, China Ann McClain – “One Kiss” and “Night Falls“, “VK Mashup“, “Good To Be Bad” &”Break Down” performed by all Descendants 3 cast members.

Favourite Quotes

“All bow to her royal majesty” – Jay
“Yes, her royal purpleness” – Carlos
“Silence you annoying peasants” – Mal
“As you wish my liege” – Jay
“Your crankiness” – Carlos

At Mal and Ben’s engagement

“Speech your specialness” – Carlos
“Speech your fancy one” – Jay

Mal and Ben’s engagement party

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photos: Disney

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