Ariana Grande Drops New Single “Boyfriend”

Ariana Grande Drops New Single “Boyfriend”

At midnight, Ariana Grande surprised us yet again with a song and music video drop. It has been about three weeks since her collaboration with Vogue to create the “In My Head” cover video and story. This time, Ari and the pop duo Social House have worked together to create a catchy single and paired it with a fun visual. The music video is currently trending number one on YouTube.

Not only is the video humorous, but it has substance and expresses the meaning of the song. It has to do with not knowing how to define a relationship and having with trust and jealousy issues. A few hours before the single dropped, the pop singer had answered questions fans had regarding the new single.

Despite the recent drama and mistakes, Ari never fails to own up to her mistakes and push forward. We’re so excited to hear other music she’s been working on!

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Words by: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: YouTube

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